polka dot cake inspiration


Polka dots are still all the rage and cakes and cupcakes are no exception; so I thought I would provide a little inspiration. Each of these cakes have one thing in common, besides the obvious polka dot {wink}, they are not covered in fondant. I myself love a beautiful fondant cake, but even as a baker fondant can be intimidating especially when you’re short on time. So here goes:

The first cake in the upper left corner was on the January cover of Gourmet magazine. I liked that they combined the cake with the cupcake. That said, I am curious about the stacking. I would suggest icing them and allowing them to set for several hours (3-5) before stacking them.

Remember how I said no fondant, okay, so maybe the dots are made of fondant on the cake in the upper right corner, but the cake and piping are just regular old icing. This cake and the cupcakes in the bottom left corner both come from cupcakesbyles.blogspot.com. Super cute stuff!

And finally, the cake in the bottom right corner is from Country Living Magazine. Not only is this a great picture of a beautifully decorated cake, but they walk you through this one and others with step-by-step pictures.

I know I’ll personally be making a version of these fun cakes for a new girlfriend gathering theme we’re working on. Happy baking!

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