mad hatter tea party


I won’t lie to you, this Alice in Wonderland mad hatter tea party took some serious effort by Donna at Party Wishes, but I think you’ll agree that the outcome was well worth it.


She had her hands full from making the croquet game complete with 4′ tall croquet wickets (out of 1/4″ plywood, painted both sides, supported by 1×1″ pieces of wood with rebar drilled into the bottoms), stuffed flamingo covered mallets and hedgehog balls (4″ styrofoam balls covered in paper and Mod Podge) to hand painting massive tea cups (from the L.A. Flower Mart) to setting a bright and beautiful table.

So creative and so well executed.

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  1. 4


    I love it! What a great idea. Fun colors on beautiful tables and settings. Thanks for sharing. Gave me an idea to use at home with friends.;. All the best!!

  2. 7

    lily says

    omg this is so awesome! I’m doing the disney script for a play at school- all of these props would be sweet! THIS IS AMAZING!
    I’m the cheshire cat :3

  3. 13

    Melissa says

    I love this . I would love to get the price list for the giant cups and cat mugs. I can not find those anywhere. I would love to purchase some from you . Would you be able to send me the info.


    • 14


      Melissa – if you hop over to Donna’s blog, the link near the top of the site, I believe she said she picked them up at a flower market. Hope you find some!

    • 16


      Pamela – we sent you an e-mail. We posted this party feature for another blogger. Click on the link in the post to get to her blog. She might be able to share resources. Thanks!

  4. 17

    brianna falchi says

    My 21st is next year and im thinking of having a mad hatters tea party!!
    I really like the tea cups in the pictures above and was wondering how much they were??

    • 18


      Brianna – click over to Donna (in the first sentence of the article) and she might be able to help. We hope you have a lovely party! Thanks!

    • 19


      Brianna – there is a link in the post to Donna at Party Wishes. She purchased them. Maybe she can give you more details.

      Thanks for visiting!

  5. 20

    Jeanne says

    I am having a tea for my senior residents for mothers day and would love to find the giant tea cups. can you tell me where you got them. the la flower mart is not specific enough

    • 21


      Jeanne – there is a link in the post to Donna at Party Wishes. She purchased them. Maybe she can give you more details.

      Thanks for visiting!

  6. 22

    Sela Alafua says

    Its all beautiful! May I get information on where I can purchas the large tea cups and cat mugs please. Thank you.

  7. 24

    Megan says

    I LOVE your party soooo much that I am taking inspiration for my baby shower. Only problem i’m having is those BLACK AND WHITE POLKA DOT PLATES are nowhere to be found!! Not in store and not online.. any chance you could email me where you bought your’s from would be GREATLY APPRECIATED (:

    • 27


      Elaine – if you follow the link in the post the hostess mentions that she purchased the mugs at a flower market in California. I would suggest a searching the web. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

      Thanks for stopping in!

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