crashing witch cupcakes


Having a little fun with my boys this weekend we created our version of the crashing witch cupcake to go with our Halloween decor. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • can white icing
  • orange food coloring
  • black writing icing tube
  • tangerine candy cane (or any other flavor you want)
  • Starburst (one square per shoe)
  • resealable freezer weight bags
  • #233 grass tip
  • connector
  • black and orange sprinkles

And here are the super simple steps:

  1. Ice your cupcake with white icing and sprinkle with orange and black dots.
  2. Tint a heaping tablespoon of icing orange and place in a resealable bag with a #233 tip (grass tip) and a connector.
  3. Pipe her ragged dress in the center of the cupcake.
  4. Break your candy cane in half.
  5. Heat two Starburst in the microwave for 8-10 seconds and then mold them into the shape of shoes on the candy cane ends.
  6. Pipe shoe laces onto the shoes with the tube of black writing icing. (Allow it to set for a few minutes before inserting it into your cupcake so that it doesn’t run.)
  7. Insert your witch legs (AKA candy canes) into the center of your cupcake.

Hope you love making these as much as we did. Happy baking!

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  1. 1


    These are so adorable! Found you on twitter (I’m @kickbackkook) and I cannot wait to try these with my niece and nephew. For anyone that has not worked with cake decorating tips, it’s easier than you think! This will be so much fun. Thank you so much!

  2. 4

    xuan says

    I just wanted to say i’m a new fan, and will be a permanent fan . I love your site and your wonderful imagination and creativity. I was wondering if you’ve considered adding an area on your site where we can save favorite ideas and recipes? There is so many and i keep forgetting some of the ideas . Thank you.

  3. 5

    Taylor Tuin says

    What a cute idea! I think that a class full of elementary kids would love these as a treat from their teacher on Halloween. I will be putting this on one of my Pinterest board’s for sure. I would love to make these sometime!


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