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As a small thank you to all of you who have helped us have a fabulous 2009 year: our customers, loyal readers of our blog, bloggers who have shared our shoppe and candidly everyone who was intrigued enough to stop by, we’re offering this free “BELIEVE!” printables collection for a limited time.

When thinking about what I wanted to give, I thought about what this year has been like. About how many people are suffering in this economy and I thought this message, BELIEVE, was appropriate for all of us this holiday season:

  • Believe in Him,
  • Believe in a better new year,
  • Believe in miracles,
  • Believe in each other, or simply
  • Believe in yourself.

The “BELIEVE!” printables collection includes:

  • Silver B-E-L-I-E-V-E-! cupcake picks
  • Silver cupcake wrappers
  • Red & White BELIEVE! Snowflake cupcake picks
  • Red & White Snowflake cupcake wrappers
  • (NOTE: Designs can also easily be converted into gift tags and a beautiful BELIEVE! banner)

Here’s a look at the red & white snowflake set. I’m not sure which one I love the most!


HURRY because this offer ends Dec. 24, 2009. UPDATE: Although this freebie is over we offer something new each year. And if you’re just in love with this design, the collection is now available in our shoppe and has been expanded to include beverage wrappers, mats, placecards and more. Join us on facebook, twitter or sign up for our RSS feed (links all in the right navigation) and you’ll never miss a freebie!


Merry Christmas and thank you!

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  1. 2

    Claire says

    Love, Love, Love these. Love the colours, love the designs, love the way believe can be for so many things, love the fact that they are free, love the way you are generous to share with us.

  2. 10

    Jean Badgley says

    thanks for the free templates…I am new to this type of craft so looking forward to “playing” with the design…I love the different way to use the concept of “believe”…you certainly nailed them all..

  3. 71


    Love this! My sons 2nd birthday is coming up in December.. so he will be sharing his birthday party with our holiday party and I’d love to make it special with these printables!

  4. 75

    Adriane says

    I think these would be great at our company christmas party this year! I am in charge of food and decor and I love these. Please send me the free printable for them. :) a _ rumfield at yahoo dot com

  5. 84

    Sunny says

    This is a T eriffic idea! I can see the potential in spelling out birthday names, baby shower ideas, etc. So much fun! Thanks for sharing! And Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. 104

    Jessica Guevara says

    Love the design and your willingness to offer something so beautiful for free. I would greatly appreciate a copy of this design. Thank you! :)

  7. 109

    Susan Sheidy says

    My grandchildren live out of state so I don’t get to see them but maybe once a year. They are coming for Christmas and I am so excited. These would be wonderful for the 3 of us to use when making our goodies for Christms dinner. The children love to cook and these printables would be a beautiful addition to our table. Thank you in advance for your wonderful gift. Best wishes, merry kisses and huggie New Year!

    • 110


      All of your comments make me smile! (Susan – thank you so much for your note and I pray you have a fabulous time with your grandchildren this year!)

  8. 113

    D Calvin says

    Thank you for your gracious and generous gift to us. They are wonderfully beautiful and I will love using them for a benefit that we are doing for a cancer patient. Merry Christmas and I do BELIEVE!

  9. 114

    Angela says

    I absolutely love your products and ideas.. gives me lots of inspiration to have fun with my kids parties more now! thanks so much!

  10. 116

    Susan Sheidy says

    Thank you sooooooooooooo very much for the printables! I can’t wait to put them to good use with my party this weekend. I will be the envy of everyone, but don’t worry I won’t be selfish I will share your blog with everyone!

    Happy Happy Holidays to my new favorite blog!

  11. 117

    Susan Sheidy says

    OH! I forgot to add. I think Santa may bring me a digital camera so if he does I will take pictures of course!

    Merry Kisses & A Huggie New Year

  12. 125

    Tautchia says

    These are gorgeous!!! The red are my favorite… I love anything red ;O) But the silver are also lovely. Can’t wait to get the printables.
    Thank you so much!

  13. 128


    I just love these!! I will be having a snowman party with my grandchildren. They would be beautiful for the party. Thank you very much.
    Blessings, Linda

  14. 146

    Charity says

    Love the red snowflake cupcake wrapper! Please send template, if still available…Great site, this is my first time checking it out and now I have you bookmarked! Thanks!

  15. 155

    Vivienne says

    I love these “Believe” printables! Thank you for sharing these with us. I hope to get it in the mail soon, in time for Christmas.

    Here’s wishing you a blessed Christmas.

  16. 159

    Silvia says

    “Believe” is the word of my daughter(6 years) says few days ago… and now I know is true all of us needs to believe in something… I believe in her and its enough. Thank you for sharing these with us. I hope to get it in the mail soon. Sorry for my language I´m from Uruguay.

  17. 169

    Vivian says

    I know its after December, but I would love to have this template for the “Believe” toppers for my cupcakes! Thank You & Happy New Year! :)

  18. 172

    NICHCOLE says

    I also just found this blog today and would LOVE the “BELIEVE” printables (if possible) toppers, wrappers, tags etc.

    Thank you SO much (They are beautiful)

  19. 173

    Evelyn says

    I can’t believe! I missed this beautiful BELIEVE template.I would love to have them if possible for my special need daugther’s{Red & White birthday
    party} coming up in a few months.Thank you.

  20. 174

    Evelyn says

    Thank you so much. I don’t have words to express my happiness, when I opened your e-mail. I BELIEVE that this will be my daugther’s best birthday ever. Thanks again for the beatiful template. {I believe that it is never too late went you BELIEVE}

  21. 175

    Alice Dwyer says

    I am so upset that I missed this. They are so gorgeous and they would be so cute for the Christmas party my 5 year old daughter wants to throw for her friends. If there is any way I could still get them I would be so so so grateful. Thanks.

  22. 178

    Montserrat Ribeiro says

    This Believe cupcakes picks are so beautiful I really love them, like the others things I get in your website.

  23. 185

    Julie says

    Even though these were like so 2 years ago, they will be absolutely perfect for my mid winter peppermint part. Thanks!!


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