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I sat around trying to think of a fun way to show our customers, loyal readers of my blog, bloggers who have shared the shoppe and candidly anyone intrigued enough to stop by, how much we “heart” them on Valentine’s Day. In the end I decided to give away another free printable. This time it’s a craft you can do with your kids: adorable Valentine Day owl and dinosaur cello bag toppers.


Pick out your favorite candy or bake up some goodies, put them in clear cello bags (shown with mini cellos, but you can cut off the longer ones), print off the topper, have your child sign his/her name, fold and staple (instructions are provided if you prefer ribbon). It’s simple and much cuter, in my opinion, than the cardboard ones I used to get as a kid… especially since I don’t recall getting any cookies attached. {wink}


UPDATE January, 24, 2011 – we just posted for 2011! Read the post on how to receive your templates!


We hope that you will love these new printable designs as much as we loved creating them. And remember, our kids don’t get to have all the fun… I plan on giving these to my girlfriends too!


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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  1. 16

    Carrie says

    Thank you so very much for the template! My girls are going to have a blast putting these together! We used your Christmas freebie to make treats for their friends, and the girls had so much fun putting them together! Thanks, again!!

  2. 31


    These are so cute and I think since my daughter is getting older she would still like to give these to her special friends and my son can still enjoy them in elementary school. I would love the have these templates please. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. 46


    Super CUTE! LOVE them! I also thought what a fun way to brighten my friends day. My preschooler LOVES dinosaurs and this will be a great project for us to do together!

  4. 52


    Hola: estoy fasinada con todas las ideas que tienes y me gustaria poder tener las etiquetas que has hecho para este san valentín. Gracias por tu tiempo.

  5. 60


    WOW! I love this! I’ve already purchased Valentine’s for my daughter’s class…but guess what we’re doing instead?!?!? This seems much more inexpensive than all of those little bags of candy you have to buy. I now can buy a big bag of M&M’s. Seriously – this is just great, thank you so much!

  6. 85


    Thanks so much. We will be using these for Valentines day this year! just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog and that I mentioned this entry in my recent blog post.Thanks so much for your great ideas and free printables. I hope you will take a look at my blog when you get a chance.

  7. 94

    Amelia says

    Wow, I just found this site and loving it! I feel so silly asking, but I have already registered, and having problems downloading the free Valentine cello topper. Any ideas to what I may be able to do to download. I keep getting an error?


  8. 103

    CM2 says

    Would love to have the valentine printables have subscribed in the box at top of the page, but wanted to make sure to grab your attention! Just found your site and am anxious to explore the super ideas you share! TY CM2

  9. 110

    Alaina says

    These are awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing with us–I can’t wait to put these together for my son’s preschool class!

  10. 113


    Hi! These are adorable! I just subscribed to ur mailing list but I would love to receive this one too! pinkchefpanda(at)gmail(dot)com. Thank you for sharing :)

  11. 115

    Holly says

    Just found your site. I love it. Thanks for sharing your work. My daughter will love making her Valentines with your toppers.

  12. 123

    Paula says

    I have been looking for a gift for my daughter’s school – these toppers are so cute and perfect. I look forward to receiving them and thank you so much for sharing.

  13. 124

    Courtney says

    Thanks for putting an end to my weeklong agonizing over what to do for the kids’ school valentines this year. I found you through Deal Seeking Mom!

  14. 132


    These are VERY cute! I would like to link to them on my “10 Days of Valentine” blog post series on Feb 1st if that is ok.

    I would like to show your images but I will name your website as the source and link to this URL for the download. I just would like to basically feature your design, and all the credit will go to you.

    I hope that is ok. If not, please email me at:

    And be sure to check out the post at:

    And feel free to grab my “I’ve been featured at” button for your website!

    Thanks so much!

  15. 134

    Cathie says

    Would love, love, love to receive your download for your sweet toppers –
    I especially love the owl. I’m planning on making ‘cupcakes for a cause’ with proceeds going to HAITI. If you have any Valentine cupcake wraps & toppers that you could pass on I would love them too.

  16. 139

    Irene L. says

    I love these! I work with special needs children and these will be just perfect (especially for the boys) for their treat bags. Thank you so much!

    • 140


      Irene – I have a special place in my heart for special needs children and I just want to say thank you for dedicating your career and time to helping them!

  17. 144

    Stefanie Walters says

    Thank you so much for sharing some free stuff. My kids will be the hit of their classromms on Valentines Day.

  18. 146

    Kelly says

    These are ADORABLE! I would love the template, please. I can’t wait to use these for my daughter’s classmates and playgroup friends :)

  19. 165


    I LOVE these toppers. I would like to put one of your pictures on my blog with a link to you but couldn’t find an address to ask your permission. I would love to send my readers over here. :) What is your policy? Thanks.

  20. 181

    Kathleen says

    Those are beautiful toppers! I would love to have/use the template to make some for my special needs students. They are awesome. Thank you.

  21. 189

    Melissa says

    These templates are precious! I would love them. I always bake Valentine’s cookies for my children’s classmates, they would look great in a bag with these labels! Thanks!

  22. 191

    Ashlie says

    I added my e-mail to your list but I’m not sure what name to look for in case it goes to my junk e-mail folder. I am so excited to use these toppers for my son’s preschool class and don’t want to miss the e-mail for them. Thanks so much for your cute ideas!

  23. 194

    Tracy Aniere says

    oooh! I love your owl printable. Thank you for sharing!! I’m looking forward to receiving the template for the owl bag toppers. Thanks again.

  24. 202

    Carol R says

    I would love the templates!!
    I signed up last week under “Receive Special Offers” but I don’t believe that I’ve received anything yet. Just thought I’d double check…..I’m exciting to use these!!
    Thank you!!

    • 203


      Carol – sometimes spam folders get these type e-mails so make sure you mark us as an approved sender. We’ll add you back in for tonight’s batch. Thanks!

  25. 205

    Jodi says

    These valentine treat bag toppers are wonderful. I would love to receive the file. I am so happy I found your shop. I will be stopping by again soon…

  26. 212

    Kirsten says

    I like these, especially the dino-one for my dino collecing hubby ! I’d love to receive them. Many thanks for sharing !

  27. 223

    Cynthia says

    These are so stickin cute! Thank you so much for sharing! I just found this website…..and I heart you! xoxoxo

  28. 225


    This has cuteness written all over it! Who wouldn’t love being a recipient
    of these cute treat toppers? On that note I hope I can receive an email so I can send them to my daughter’s preschool class. BTW she loves the dinos!

  29. 226

    Janell says

    I absolutely love both, but would really like to have the owl template.
    Thank You Soo Much for Sharing! Happy Valentine’s Day to You!

  30. 228

    Sylvia says

    These are unique!!! I’ve never seen this before…I ‘m always looking for this different and this is sure the thing to gift this Valentines. LOVE IT!!

  31. 229

    Heather! says

    How adorable! I love being able to do something a bit more personal and special for holidays or ‘just because’. These are perfect! :)

  32. 236

    Theresa says

    I can’t wait to make these. How quickly will I get the template. I need to have these complete by tomorrow night.

    Thank you so much.

  33. 239

    Shelly says

    PLEASE can I get a copy of the valentine bag topper and any other freebies you’re willing to send. Thank you so much for sharing.

  34. 245

    Nina Teixeira says

    Thanks so much – first time visitor- did some already for valentine’s -i’m sure they going to be a big hit !!

  35. 251


    Found you through Project Nursery! So glad I did! Perfect for my dino-obsessed 3 year old. (I’ll keep the Owl’s for myself!) Thanks so much! Now I’m off to visit the rest of your site…

  36. 262

    Claudia says

    Adorable. I’m a little late getting started on Valentine’s projects but would love to print a few of these for my sons preschool class!

  37. 263


    I would love to have these! I have signed up through email twice, but haven’t received anything. I was hoping that I could have them for my daughter’s valentine party this week!

    • 264


      Angie/Mandi – I’ve sent both of you direct messages, but I also wanted to put the comment here in case anyone else is having issues. Sometimes these types of e-mails get caught in SPAM folders. If you’ve signed up or commented before noon today check your SPAM folder and mark us as a “safe sender” so you get all future e-mails. If the file has been deleted, let us know and we’ll happily resend!

      Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!!!

  38. 266


    So excited! Signed up last night! Hoping to get the email tonight so I can make these for my daughter’s vday party tomorrow at her school. :)

  39. 268

    Suzanne Klein says

    i just found your website and im in love. Thanks for all the great ideas. I can not wait to spend some time looking around your site.

  40. 272


    Hi, I requested the template, but have not recieved it yet. I would love to use both. If you could send me the templates I would be so grateful!!!! So darling! Thanks!!!!

  41. 280

    Farrah says

    I love these bag toppers for giving out valentines treats with my toddler! Would love a copy of the download. Great site!

  42. 282

    Laura says

    Ok, so it’s still Feb 14 on my side of the country! I know I’m too late to use these for this valentines day, but I’d love to have a copy of the download if you are still emailing them out. I LOVE the use of ribbon instead of staples.

  43. 285

    Cecy says

    Omg! Just came across these please I would love to use the owl one for my daughter’s 1st birthday, I’m doing an owl theme pleeease i would so appreciate it if you could email me the owl printable. Thank you so much for your consideration. Love your ideas!

  44. 287

    Eileen says

    WOW – these are awesome. My son was speaking of a dinosaur party for his 6 th next year and the owl would be perfect for the girls night out I am planning. PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, with sugar on top?????? I can, if you are on Facebook, send you any photos I take of the finished products (inbox, of course)??? I will love you forever. Thanks.

  45. 295


    i would LOVE these adorable cello toppers.
    If you can send them my way… if they are still avaliable that would be lovely!! They are soo darn cute!! =D

  46. 296

    Julie Schmidt says

    The cello toppers are such a cute idea. Especially the dino for boys. Looking forward to the template.

  47. 297

    Pallavi says

    Hello Kim.
    When will the new valentine cello toppers be available.I just discovered your website and you are so creative.
    Thank you so much for the template.Please let us know when it will be available.


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