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I’m considering a few new birthday party collection themes and one I’ve thought about is a bright and bold circus with roaring lions and games galore. As usual I took to the web to see what I could find. I quickly ran across two very familiar party blogs with super fun inspiration.

The first set of images, above, is from Kara’s Party Ideas and it is an actual party that she hosted for her two little guys this past summer. You have to jump over there to see all the details. I admit it is amazing; she must have spent months planning.


And these are from mom Michelle Thornton (via the Hostess Blog). I love the color and yet the simplicity. The party was held in a park so the level of detail that Kara went to wasn’t possible (set-up and control would be a nightmare away from your own backyard), but this mom still thought of everything. Make sure and check out the original post for more images, ideas and resources.

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    These are such cute ideas! Thank you for sharing. I am a party planner myself and found your site while looking for Western ideas for Wedding Open House. I am sure you spend HOURS developing everything. Thanks for sharing your talent and ideas. I made sure to link you from my blog.

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    Keli Massie says

    I really hope you do a circus/carnival theme party! I had also found Kara’s Blog and Michelle’s party as well and I am incorporating some of their ideas into the carnival 4th birthday party for my twin boys this June :) I love following your blog too! Such great tips/ideas!

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      Keli – thanks so much for stopping in and as a matter of fact we are creating a carnival theme. It should be out in mid-March… maybe sooner. ;) And I’m planning some unique printables for this one. I can’t wait to share!

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    YAY! I follow your blog and was so delighted to see my son’s 1st birthday party here :)) I saw Kara’s after I planned my son’s and drooled over all her great detail. I had a bunch of fun planning that party!

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