Mother’s Day tea


How lovely it would be to have a Mother’s Day tea. Beautiful china, silhouette cookies, a very frilly table (that you would never get away with when men were present) and yummy goodies. I’m in heaven just dreaming about it. I’m an only daughter, so it would be a small tea… but with my mother-in-law and two cute little boys who are not yet offended by heart dollies… party makes five. {wink} By the way, all these lovely images came from Martha Stewart Weddings.

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    BeBe says

    My daughters & I gave Mother ~ Daughter tea parties for 5 years in a row. The guest list got so large ~ because the only requirement was that you were a mother OR a daughter ~ that I finally started asking people to bring their own tea cups. The best part of the party was people sharing stories of where their tea cup came from ~ some as gifts, some handed down through moms and grandmothers, etc. Priceless memories ! I just wish I had asked someone each year to take photos as I would love to have an album with just those photos, watching the girls all growing up !

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