{new!} barn cookie cutter


We saw these super cute barn cookie cutters and couldn’t resist adding them to our “on the farm” birthday collection. And here’s a quick pictorial on how to ice them using red and white icing, a plastic bottle (pipe the edges and then heat icing in the microwave for no more than 9 seconds to flood), resealable freezer weight bag, icing connector and icing tips (#46 for the barn slats and #2 for the doors).


Happy baking!

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    As Summer is approaching… my plans are starting to come along too! This for sure! I am planning to set a table for my son to invite 3 of his friends. We will bake, and will recreate these cookies.

    Since frosting can be mess when it is around 7 year olds, I might add a tad of frosting yet… licorice, and flat sour strips might do the trick!

    Oh I can see EJ and his buddies having a blast!

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