orange, pink & yellow inspired


Every birthday party or celebration doesn’t need a theme, but they do all need a defined color palette. With spring in full swing, I’m loving this soft orange, pink & yellow combo.

Drink station- with these lovely dispensers even the smallest guest can get their own lemonade. Plus, I’m a huge fan of multi-colored straws; they add just the right touch to a simple highball glass (image via Martha Stewart)

Invitation – designed so that the candle on top can be customized to the upcoming age, whether it be 8 or 38 (via The Celebration Shoppe)

Cupcake – such a lovely and simple cupcake from Hello Naomi (image via flickr)

Ribbon – this is actually a ribbon ornament and could be lovely in multiples hung above a candy table (via Family Fun)

Marshmallow treats & favor box – how better to send your guest home than with a yummy something to remember you by (treat, box images via Martha Stewart)

Cake plate and candles – polka dots are so classic they’ll never go out of style (via The Celebration Shoppe)

As always, hope you’re inspired!

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