“sorry, I can’t eat cow milk”


I took lots of pictures of my boys last night (our neighborhood trick-or-treat), but this picture of my sweet little four year old boy trying to read the label on a candy package made my heart hurt this morning when I was looking through them. You see, he has severe milk allergies, not lactose intolerance, but immediate sickness, burning tongue and hives, severe allergy.

So at each house last night he would go to the door with huge smiles and say “trick-or-treat!” He would then peer into their candy bucket and either say “sorry, I can’t eat cow milk” and walk away, or he would squeal with joy and jump around because they had things like Twizzlers or Gummy Worms. Although he went through the entire night in good spirits and never once got sulky (my little trooper), it tore my heart out and I wanted to hug him each time he walked away empty handed.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I know there are many of you out there with little ones who suffer from food allergies, whether it be milk, egg, nut, or all three (see allergy free Halloween treat ideas). And since this time of year can be hard with holiday school parties and family gatherings I want to offer up some recipes and ideas so that our little ones can join in the fun too. And I promise, I’ll share things that are yummy for everyone so that by including the family member or child with food allergies, you’re not sacrificing taste.

And if you have a recipe (on a blog or not) or know of a resource that is allergy friendly, please share it with me here, by e-mailing us at customercare@celebrationshoppe.com (“Food Allergy” in the title) or on facebook. {And Maura at 36×37, I’m coming for that fabulous allergy free chocolate chip cookie recipe of yours!}

Happy Friday everyone!

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    Nadia says

    There is a little girl in my son’s class with milk allergies and I’m taking desserts for the Christmas party. I’d love some ideas! Thank you!

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    Good News Kim! I bake vegan (no animal byproducts) quite often and have found plenty of delicious sources. I’ll be posting a yummy chocolate cherry creme cupcake recipe soon on my blog, but I suggest checking into Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World and Babycakes cookbooks for great allergy-free baked goods. I’m dedicating my next post in honor of your little guy and others out there too!

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    Kim, here’s a link to the best chocolate chip cookie recipe I’ve found to date. (It includes other cookie recipes, too, including vegan sugar cookies–timely now that the holidays are approaching.)

    I’ve had a lot of luck checking out vegan cooking sites. Even though we’re not vegan, it’s the easiest way I’ve found to search for dairy and egg-free recipes on the web.

    Here’s the link. Thanks for the blog shout-out!


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    Hi, new here! I found your blog today through your graduation post, and love the black, white and red ideas for my son’s preschool graduation party (yep, he’s our first, so we are THAT excited) But I noticed these links about allergies, and I am so excited to find someone posting yummy ideas for dairy free kids. My son is severly allergic to all dairy too. He does the hives, eye swelling, and throat swelling to limit breathing. We carry an epi-pen for him. I agree, halloween is both thrilling and heartbreaking around our house too. “Milk” was the first word he learned to read! We started our dinner blog partially as a way to find more things he can eat. SO, thank you for sharing dairy-free ideas, we will definitely try them out!


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