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It’s difficult to express how grateful I am for all my customers and readers, you all mean so very much to me. I’m terribly blessed to be able to make a career out of doing what I love. I wish that for all of us! And since I like to give “little happies” now and again, I thought this would be the perfect way to thank you all for such a fabulous year. So while we were developing our Mod Candy Cane collection I decided to create a mini printable collection for those sweet gifts we tend to give this time of year. It includes: snowflake circles, I recommend a 2.5″ circle punch but scissors will do the trick, and rectangle tags that say “Have a sweet day.”


Plus these recipe cards, both pre-filled with the Peppermint Cookie Bark recipe (above) and blank ones so you can send any goodies you like! 

Here’s how you get them:

  1. If you’re already signed up to receive special offers you’ll be receiving an e-mail with your free printables in the next day or so. 
  2. If you’re not, join us by signing up in the “receive special offers!” box at the top of my blog and get not only this Christmas printable gift, but regular updates about new collections, crafts, sweet ideas, future freebies, offers and so much more! And don’t forget to tell us with a comment on this post that you signed up as an entry in the giveaway too! (NOTE: We’ll e-mail the printables once daily through Saturday.)
  3. Facebook fans will find the link on our wall.
  4. Twitter followers will find the link in my timeline.

And for all the Columbus Parent Magazine readers, thanks for stopping in! This printable is especially great for those of us who want to spread a little cheer without breaking the Christmas budget. I’m personally giving Peppermint Cookie Bark this year. YUM! {Sorry to ruin the surprise for those who are reading this!} And since it’s already snowing here, I may even have the boys pull my snowflake jars (found them at the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago) around the neighborhood in their little wagon, sort of like those Smuckers jelly commercials… we are in Ohio after all! {wink} 


I thought this would also be a lovely time to give everyone a chance to win the entire Mod Candy Cane collection. You can have up to six chances! Here’s how:

  1. Comment on this post sharing either your very favorite collection from The Celebration Shoppe or tell me about a party idea you’d like to see us create in our 2011 collection. We’re working to finalize the list for the next six months so it’s perfect timing and I would love your input!
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  6. Spread the word (on your facebook page, on your blog, etc.) and comment how on this post.

The Mod Candy Cane collection winner will be selected and e-mailed on Saturday at 8 a.m. ET. Best of luck to everyone and again, THANK YOU for a fabulous year! {The giveaway is now closed. The winner is comment #57, Jenny D.!}

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  1. 7

    Marina says

    I signed up for the special offers and I’m a subscriber. I can’t get over how beautiful your blog is. I love the mod candy cane collection. I found this doing a search for ideas because I’m doing a party at church this Sunday and the theme is white and red and snowflakes! This is a perfect idea! Thanks!

  2. 10

    Shawn Heinen says

    I am a fan of the Celebration Shoppe! I am an aspiring party planner and one day hope to use you wonderful products for all my gatherings.

    I love the “divine” collection, and plan to use that for my daughters 17th birthday!

    Thank You and Enjoy your day!

  3. 13


    I love all of your collections…the Candy Corn collection was a HUGE hit at our halloween party.

    Since I’m thinking WAY ahead…to my kid’s birthdays next May, I’d love to see ‘colors’ & purple….green & blue. No specific theme..just color combos. Dots, Argyles, Stripes..

  4. 14

    Jessica Crimella says

    Facebook Fan!!!! I just stumbled across your blog from Lizard and Ladybug and I just adore your work!!!

  5. 17

    itilien says

    I loved your Halloween collection and your Mad hatter’s tea party cups! congratulations for all the good stuff you make!

  6. 22

    stephanie says

    love the mod candy cane, but would love to see colors such as burgendy and gold for christmas. also like u on facebook!

  7. 24

    liz says

    LOVE everything you do! I have gotten so many great ideas from your website and blog and just became a fan on Facebook. I am planning on making the peppermint bark for my holiday treats for friends and neighbors!

  8. 25

    Maureen says

    Would love to see what you could do with a Star Wars b’day party (for young boys – 6 yr olds). Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  9. 26

    Millie says

    I follow you on facebook. I saw the contest on Facebook by
    following your friend Living Locurto. :) I am hosting a cookie
    swap this year and this would come in handy.

  10. 28

    Julie Hebb says

    I love the princess castle collection and the Halloween one you had out everything is so cute wish I was as talented..

  11. 32

    Jamie says

    Love the Celebration Shoppe. I have previously ordered the Pirate Ship invites and this year I will be ordering the Little Sailor invites etc. for my little guys 1st birthday. I would love to see a Roller Skating theme, that would be perfect for my daughter’s 7th birthday. Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. 33

    Vanessa B says

    Omgoodness, its a tossup between Snowman, that apron is ADORABLE, Wildwest, what a cutie and I certainlky couldnt resist Farm either being the farm girl that I am! Thanks for a chance to win some awesome goodies! Happy Holidays!

  13. 37

    Ann R. says

    This collection is great! I liked you on FB and signed up for the emails! Looking forward to using the collections with my holiday gifts this year!

  14. 38

    shannon a. says

    Would love to see something for “tweens” – fun, colorful, fashionable, and a little more grown up but not too much! Still loving the sparkles at that age, but not the “fru-fru” stuff!

  15. 44

    TamrahT says

    I would love to see themes of penguins…and maybe pink flamingos? My daughter just had her 4th birthday and we celebrated with pink flamingos and lemonade. It was fun to play on :)

  16. 52

    Jessica Fox says

    Thanks so much for the printables! These are going to make my Christmas gifts very “sweet”! I love your site and blog…it just makes me happy inside. :) Merry Christmas!

  17. 53

    Heidi says

    Fan of your stuff! Love it! I make cupcakes for friends celebrations and events and love the touch with your stuff to them! :)

  18. 54


    I LOVE the pritables! Thank you so much! I would love to see a “Mad Scientist” party in the next year. I am selfishly thinking ahead for my son’s next birthday party! Merry Christmas!

  19. 55

    Shelly says

    I’ve been a subscriber for some time. Now I’m a Facebook fan !!!!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING. I’m always delighted to get your email. These are beautiful and anyone would be happy to win (especially me : )and I look forward to using my FREEBIE !

  20. 56


    Dear Kim,

    Thank you so much for giving us the free printables, they are gorgeous.
    I am throwing a christmas party this year, for the very first time i am so excited, and will be using your free printables to decorate my table.
    Thank you again.

    Best regards
    Astrid (the Netherlands)

  21. 63

    randi says

    you have amazing ideas!! I would LOOOVE to see a collection in the girlfriends gatherings like a gossip and swap type party where you exchange articles of clothing you no longer are in love with or wear. the printables could maybe include a dress on a hanger or something along those lines? Just a thought and I would definitely order ;) Also winning this gorgeous mod candy cane collection would give me the extra push i need to host a christmas party ;)

  22. 65

    trisha says

    Thank you so much for the free gift, lovely. I have a great neice coming up to two next year. she is made about cats and dogs. Anything in this would be great as being in New Zealand it would be so different from everyone else, and would light up her little face. Thanks again

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