Valentine gift for you!

Again this year we’re giving away Valentine cello toppers! Owls for the girls and dinosaurs for the boys! And if you like these designs we have full party collections of both in the shoppe: owl couple and dinosaur.

My boys enjoy gathering up little treats for their friends and packaging them for the big Valentine Day party at school. This year we chose to go the route of more toys and less sweets. I LOVE these mini flutes, slinkies, bubbles and dinosaurs, all from Target. The modern colors make me smile and the boys have already started to dip into the bags for themselves. I’ve been able to protect most of them… but it might get dicey if we don’t fill and seal our cellos soon!


As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!

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    Pallavi says

    Thank You so much Kim for the wonderful ideas to fill these bags as well as the cello toppers. I not only downloaded your toppers but also went to TARGET today to get these items to fill in. I went twice last week but didnt even notice these until I saw them on your blog today and what a wonderful idea instead of candy!!!!. Am always striving to be creative and your ideas help so much. Thank you again very much!

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    Thanks for all the sweet comments on facebook and twitter everyone. I posted the download link again near the top of FB and tweeted again this morning too so you can find it easily!

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    Hey, i recognize that EveryDay Display Board! :) My 2nd, of 3 jobs, is a Creative Memories consultant :) The toppers are ADORABLE!
    looks like all you “party girls” had fun in NY. I was with you in spirit :)

    • 10


      Marcie – you nailed it. Bridget, my creative assistant, brought it over for the shoot and I love that it’s magnetic too! As for NY, I’m trying to get a post up this morning of more pics of the trip. Stay tuned! :)

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    Alice Liddell says

    Just found these via Pinterest and was very, very sad to find that they are no longer available for download. :-(

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