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Today we have a guest! Callye from Sweet Sugar Belle created these fabulous stork and hippo cookies using my new Special Delivery baby shower collection as her inspiration. Here are all the details as written by Callye!
These precious little storks were made to coordinate with the Special Delivery collection from The Celebration Shoppe.
For the stork cookie, I simply used an ice cream cone cutter.  You can trim it if you’d like, but it will look fine if you choose not to. Once you’ve baked the cookies and they have cooled completely, you are ready to decorate.
To decorate your own stork cookies you will need:
  • white and dark orange piping icing
  • white and orange flood icing
  • black 4mm sugar pearls
  • tweezers


To begin, outline a circle for the stork’s head. If you aren’t comfortable piping a circle freehand, try this little trick I know.  Using a food color marker {I used yellow because it’s my lightest and least used color} trace around something round like a cookie cutter so you will have a guideline to follow when you pipe.
Be sure to pipe around the OUTSIDE of the lines with the icing, so the “cheat” lines are hidden underneath the icing.
When this is done, outline the beak. Soon afterward, fill the beak outline with orange flood icing. Let this dry for at least thirty minutes or longer so that the orange icing is well set. 
Next fill in white outline. If you try to fill in the head too soon, it may cause the two colors to run together or bleed, so do not rush this step.
To complete your stork while the icing is still wet, use the tweezers to drop a candy bead into the middle of the white circle.  This will be the stork’s eye.
Let these dry for eight hours and you will have a simple but cute cookie that perfectly matches the Special Delivery collection!
 Good luck and happy decorating!
I’m sure all of you are loving Callye’s work like I do and you might be wondering about those fun little hippo cookies that also match our new Special Delivery baby shower collection. Well she posted the tutorial for those sweeties over on her blog today! Yay! So hop over and take a look!
As always, I hope you’re inspired!
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