summer camp must haves

With summer drawing near I’ve been thinking about summer activities and away camps. Honestly I’m not ready for away camp… I’m having a hard time with my oldest going to full day school next year… I know, I know. I don’t have to tell you moms how hard it is to let go.

Anyway, it still got me to thinking about all the fabulous things I would get them “IF” I were sending them away this year, and here are a few things that made my short list:

  • Pottery Barn Kids toiletry bags – how cool is this?! Let’s face it, the cabins don’t often have bathrooms/showers in them. You have to walk a few hundred yards and this keeps your shampoo, toothbrush, towel, etc. handy!  Plus, you can have it personalized so there is no question who it belongs to.
  • Mabel’s Labels’ Camp Edition – I’m all for labeling everything, even toothbrushes! {wink}
  • Personalization Mall “road trip” lap desk - this would be perfect for my kiddos to write letters home on. I know I will personally want a letter every single day… not that I’ll get it, but at least this little lap desk makes one less excuse they can give me.
  • Pottery Barn hooded beach towels – my oldest has a ton of curly hair so the hood would be super helpful.
  • Carson HU-530 Hawk kid bonoculars on Amazon – you can’t bird watch without them.
  • Tiny Prints summer camp personalized journal – and if my kiddos don’t write every day, maybe they’ll at least write down a little about their daily adventures so I can catch up when they get back home.

By the way, thank you for all of your love and support in the Top 50 Mom Craft Blog List on Babble. I was up to #53 this morning and it just warms my heart that so many of you like what I do here. Thank you, thank you! And if you’ve not voted yet, and if you want to of course, you can click here and scroll until you see ”The Celebration Shoppe” and then give us your thumbs up. Thanks!

 As always, I hope you’re inspired!

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  1. 1

    Carley says

    Loving the toiletry bag too. We go camping as a family several times each summer and the showers are typically a hike. :) Thanks for the find!

  2. 3

    andrea says

    I have too been thinking about camp. I need help with care packages this year!!! It seems so hard to find unique goodies to send. If you know of any good sources please share. Thanks!

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