customer: Katie Ann turns 3

I really enjoy receiving pictures from customers. It just makes my day to see those happy little faces and all the smart details the parents pull together.

Just recently we received a note from our customer, Jen. She wrote “Thank you so much for the ideas and inspiration! From the invitations to the how-to tulle napkin rings, my daughter’s 3rd birthday was full of your touches. I hope you like the painting we made based on the princess castle theme.”

I was thrilled when I opened the pictures and saw that she had taken our princess castle collection design and made it into this beatutiful painting embellished with tiny jewels. Such talent Jen and her mom have! 

Jen did a fabulous job of decorating those blank rooms you get at play places.  They typically give you very little time to set up so that tells me that Jen is one organized mom!

For the princess placesetting, Jen purchased our princess castle printables and pink and green polka dot plates. For the prince placesetting, she made the napkin ring, a friend of hers made the beverage wrapper and straw slip to match, and those fun crowns are from Chocolate Cake Club.

And last but never least, my very favorite part, a lovely picture of the birthday girl. Isn’t she just adorable with all those bouncy curls?! Happy Birthday Katie Ann! {Thanks again Jen for allowing us to share.}

As always, I hope you’re inspired!

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