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I’m super excited to share that I’m Kellogg’s new Party Planning blogger. I’ve known since early this year and have just been bubbling over to share with you!

Being connected to a brand like Kellogg’s is incredible in itself, but you also have to understand that Kellogg’s isn’t just a brand for me, it’s a staple in my family. My favorite Kellogg’s cereal is and will always be Kellogg’s Corn Flakes, my late grandmother’s absolute favorite cookie, one that you would always find in her southern kitchen, was the Keebler Sandies Pecan Shortbread (ah, so many fond memories of sitting with her on summer afternoons nibbling those cookies… little teary), and then there is the entire family’s favorite sweet, the Rice Krispie Treat!

Most of you know that my youngest son has severe food allergies, with dairy being at the top of that list. Well, the Rice Krispie Treat has saved me so many times with class snacks, birthday parties and just plain family nights in (made with dairy free, vegan, butter… and no, you can’t tell the difference… kid tested, promise).

For those moms out there like me, you know that it’s not just about having snacks on hand that your child can eat, it’s about having something that they can share! Loved by all, the Rice Krispie Treat is my go to snack!

I’ve made them a ton of ways, with my most recent idea being my first post on Hop over now to see more of my Rice Krispie Paint Brushes.

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    That is so awesome!!! Super excited that you get to be in front of a super wide audience sharing your party amazingness and equally excited that these are treats the food allergic kids can enjoy! Can’t wait to see all the awesome things you come up with!

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