DIY pirate ship cookie

Kim and team just designed and photographed additions to their pirate collections (lots of details to come!) and Kim even hosted a swashbuckling pirate bash for her little guy, which she’s sharing soon, so we thought there’s no better time to teach you how to decorate pirate ship cookies

You can choose many different variations on this theme, but this time I went with red and white stripes to match the shoppe’s Pirate Ship collection.

To decorate pirate ship cookies you will need:

  • Black outlining icing with a #2 tip
  • Red, white, brown, and yellow flood icing
  • Black food color marker
  • Tips for outlining & flooding cookies

First, outline the cookie.

Then, fill in the red stripes and the top of the sail with yellow.

Next, fill in the boat with brown icing and quickly drop white dots into it to create windows.

Let this dry for about an hour, then come back and fill in the white stripes

Add the mast, and let dry overnight.

The next day, use the food color marker to separate any stripes that may have run together in the sail, and to add wood grain to the boat.

With just a little time, and a few supplies, you will have the cutest cookies on the block.

For more cookie ideas, head on over to my blog, The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle. It’s pirate week over on my blog and I am full of fun pirate cookie ideas including 3-D pirate ships (a new favorite of Kim’s!), girl pirate faces and boy pirate faces!

See you back soon for another fun how-to! And as always, we hope you’re inspired!

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  1. 1
    Jennifer says:

    You make it look so easy!

  2. 2

    What a great tutorial! I’ve really gotten in to making cookies lately and these are so cute.

  3. 3

    LOVE these! Thanks for the fun tutorial!


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