back to school owls!

Like most of you, I’ve had back to school on the brain for a few weeks now. My oldest is entering first grade… it almost takes my breathe just typing it… and here in Ohio this is the first year he’ll be away from me all day. Needless to say, I’m not looking forward to it. He is. I’m not.

So I created this fun back to school “smartie owl” snack for him. I just love the little glasses! Isn’t he cute?! He’s made of:

  • Body – crumb nut donut
  • Eyes – Keebler Grasshopper Cookie
  • Glasses – yellow jelly candy circles (I found them at Kroger) and yellow pull-a-part licorice
  • Hair – yellow pull-a-part licorice
  • Nose – mini Tootsie Roll (molded slightly with my hands into a hook)

And I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect lunch box, along with a few other accessories. So after making the treat, I decided to create these lunch box notes. I wanted to put a little something in his lunch box every day so that he knows I’m thinking of him. And of course I’m going to share these notes with all of you too!

One more picture of my “smartie owl” because… well… just because. {wink} And now,

DOWNLOAD my FREE owl lunch box note PRINTABLES ~ Enjoy!

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate! And stop over at for more of my Kellogg’s ideas.

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