first day of school jitters

So you guys know that I’ve been having a bit of anxiety about the first day of school. He hasn’t. I have.

Well this morning I packed him up and took him to first grade. I felt like I was giving away my first born. Doesn’t he look so grown up?! I’m so very proud of him. He handled it very well and gave me a simple wave when all the parents were leaving. And now I’m anxiously waiting to hear the “details” when I pick him up this afternoon. This day is sooooo long!

I just pray it all went well and he loved it. And thank goodness preschool doesn’t start back for another two weeks. I don’t think I could do this twice in one day.

Oh, and I was right to obsess over the lunch box. It was ALL about the lunch box this morning. At least with the boys it was. That was the first thing they all shared with each other! And by the way, we went with the Pottery Barn Kids gray dinosaur camoflage lunch box with the hot/cold thermos… which will likely always carry some type of fruit, like melon or apples. He won’t eat them unless they’re cold. {smirk}

I hope all of you are having a fabulous back to school season and don’t forget to download your lunch box notes if you’ve not already!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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