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I’ve been so very excited about this project for such a long time and now I’m so thrilled to be able to share it with you. I have been a fan of Better Homes and Gardens Tricks and Treats Special Issue for years. I would flip through and ooh and aah at all the fun and crafty ideas.

Well this year I’m so proud to announce that you can find my ideas and designs on pages 50 through 57! Okay. And I have to tell you, you can also see a small image of my cupcake printables on the cover. THE COVER! And again on page 1 as part of the table of contents. Yay! Then yet again on pages 104 – 106 with instructions. WOW! And finally on page 118 in the resources, along with my fabulous cookie partners at Sweet Tooth Cottage. It’s more exciting than I had hoped. You know how you tell yourself not to get too excited about something until it actually happens? That was me. For months now. But now I’m officially over the top excited!

Go out right now and pick one up! Please! I know they’re on shelves at Barnes and Nobles already because I picked up a copy… okay, maybe it was five. Or, if you can’t wait, my article’s name is “Wicked Easy” and you can find tons of details on the Better Homes and Gardens site at bhg.com/wickedeasy. If you like it, I’d love a thumbs up on facebook or a tweet!

But you still need to pick up the mag because it is just full of fabulous ideas from the editors! There’s a Mad Hatter Tea Party that is the perfect twist on Halloween fun. There are kid crafts and lovely black and white party details perfect for an adult soiree. The entire magazine is a must have!

And the best part of this fabulous project, I’m giving away our Candy Corn collection to readers for FREE (the non-personalized version). It includes an invitation, cupcake picks & wrappers, cello toppers, beverage wrappers, favor tags, dessert labels, a pennant banner and more! You can still find the personalized invitations, personalized printables, cookies, and orange and white polka dot table decor in the shoppe.

Download your FREE HALLOWEEN PRINTABLES and start planning your party!

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake and create!

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    I am so excited for you Kim! What an honor and accomplishment!!! I saw it in my grocery line today and grabbed it before I had any idea!! You are right, the whole thing is full of great ideas!

  2. 4


    Thanks ladies for your sweet comments. And for all those on facebook and twitter too. I’m blessed with such amazing and supportive friends!

  3. 7


    Wow! What a great party table. I love Fall and this has my wheels turning now. Thanks for the creative flow and the Fall inspiration. I can’t wait until the leaves are falling and the air is crisp. This earthquake and hurricane week has been horrible.

  4. 8


    Kim you are amazing. I love the trick or treat stuff. I cant wait to pick up my copy of Better Homes and gardens tomorrow. Awesome work. Congrats on a faulous spread!!!

  5. 14


    Congratulations! I have been such a fan of you and your work for so long and this couldn’t have happened to a more talented, nicer blogger. I am running out to get the issue tomorrow morning first thing, and I’m planning to feature you on my blog this week. If this is a problem at all, please let me know.

    Great work and congratulations again!

  6. 16

    Josie says

    I’m trying to find the printable “pick-up-and-go-popcorn” For some reason it is in the BHG Halloween magazine but I can’t find the printable….PLEASE HELP!

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