creepy crawly utensils

We shot our new Halloween and harvest collections several weeks ago and I’ve just been dying to share. I know what you’re thinking… what have I been waiting for?! Well lots of things, none of which I can tell you right now {raising eyebrows up and down with a sneaky grin}. But now it’s finally time to start sharing some fun and frightening ideas.

This is a simple DIY craft, but I just love it. You know those plastic spider rings that you can get at the dollar store in a bag of 50 for a $1? Just cut off the ring part with a pair of your kid’s scissors (not your good crafting scissors!) and hot glue the spider to plastic forks. This was the brilliant brainchild of my assistant Bridget.

By the way, those fun orange and white polka dot plates & napkins and black crepe placemats will all be available with the new collection in the shoppe by the end of the day.

As always, I hope you’re inspired! And happy haunting!

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