robot party… still processing

As you know, I hosted my son’s Robot birthday party this weekend. Well, let me tell you that it didn’t go quite as I had planned. I can laugh about it now, but in the moment… WOW. I had it all together. It was colorful. It was fun. I had activities. We had the backyard decorated and the new tree house ready. I was excited. My sons were excited. Then the storm hit. Yep. A big one with thunder and lightening and LOTS of wind. Oh yeah.

There is much to tell and many pics to show (thank goodness I captured some before the monsoon), but for now I’m still processing…

However, I will tell you that the kids had an absolute blast. The volume level in my house could attest to that fact. I even had one mom, an animated friend of mine, tell me her son claimed it was the best birthday party ever. It just reaffirms that even when things don’t go as planned, if the little people have fun and your child comes away smiling, then the party was a success.

Much more about the things that didn’t turn out right and about all the things that did. For now, Happy Wednesday!

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  1. 1

    Oh no! I’m sure you handled it well though.

  2. 2

    Thanks Jenni! It was a bit tough for a few minutes, but my son kept smiling and if he wasn’t upset there was really no reason for me to be. The day was, afterall, all about him. :)