carving pumpkins with my boys

We live in Ohio so there are pumpkins galore this time of year and the kids always want to carve them. It’s not always the easiest task to keep the boys clean during that process, but they always have such a good time.

We picked up a few pumpkins at the nursery last weekend and the kids simply couldn’t wait so I let them carve one (we’ll save the others for a bit closer to Halloween).

We used these new Pumpkin Masters carving kits. The boys sat on the front porch for 30 minutes selecting which template to try and in the end the dragon won out. Although, we’re going to try these new eye and teeth (plastic) picks on our next pumpkins. They’re really neat because they stick right into the holes you’ve carved and they’re mostly clear so the candle light will shine through and make them extra creepy. Boys really like extra creepy! {wink}

My youngest wanted to use the crayon that comes with the kit first to draw on a smiley face.

Then, down to business. We taped on the stencil and he used the little hole punching/tracing tool to outline his dragon.

After our template was on, he wanted to color it in before we carved it out. And he wanted color so he went in the house and got a small can of crayons.

They didn’t work as well as the crayon in the kit, but he was determined. {proud momma smile}

Then came the real work… dipping the ick out of the pumpkin into a garbage bag. If you’ve not ever done this before… it’s really, really messy so be prepared.

The kids of course thought it was cool. And using the little scooper in the Pumpkin Masters kit makes the process a lot easier when you have to scrape the sides clean. (NOTE: If you spray the inside with a bleach and water mixture the pumpkin will rot slower.)

So now we’re back to my smiling little boy and his dragon pumpkin. Happy weekend everyone and as always, I hope you’re inspired to do something fun!

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    I know exactly what you mean. I watched my neighbors shiver one year on Halloween Eve trying to carve and I always swore I’d do it on a warmish day (because I refuse to sacrafice my kitchen)! :)

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    Terri says

    We’re carving pumpkins next weekend and the kids can’t wait. I think we may try our hand at a princess crown or an owl. My daughter can’t decide. ;)


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