crafting away the winter blahs

Hi Everyone! It’s Bridget, again. Since I haven’t shared in a while, I thought I’d kick off my first post of the year with some of my favorite ways to keep away the winter blahs. With school back in session and short, cold days here in Ohio, it’s pretty hard to get out and enjoy the world outside. So, as my littlest strapped on her new roller skates and desperately tried to find entertainment by rolling her way around my kitchen, I realized I REALLY need a plan! Preferably one that includes some fabulous boredom busters… and if my floors avoid inevitable demise, all the better!

My oldest is a science buff and fell in love with these Crystal Geode Eggs we found at Martha Stewart. I can see this project “hopping” up again in our future soon! {wink}  My middle one is a bit more crafty and has become enthralled with the world of  friendship bracelets. We couldn’t resist the sweet way to share her new passion that we found from Dandee Designs 

In a perfect world, I’d have this list of exciting, crafty educational ideas with which to fill my kiddo’s days. On second thought, I do… I just call it pinterest (these are Kim’s boards, but I have some too!); which was exactly how I found these fun and fabulous fingerpainting ideas, too. No parent who fingerpaints with the kids is bored!

As always we hope you are inspired to craft, bake and create!

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