Wii remote Rice Krispies Treats

My little one celebrated his “half” birthday at preschool today (Back story: At his school, if your birthday is celebrated in the summer months you can have a “half” birthday so you get to celebrate with your school friends.) and so I of course asked him what theme he wanted (it’s a very small celebration, only 15 minutes… but still… this is what I do.)

And he responded that he wanted a Harry Potter Wii game party. Hmmm… Well, since I couldn’t pull that off in 15 minutes I asked him if he would be interested in Wii remote Rice Krispies Treats instead. He giggled and screamed yes! So Wii remote Rice Krispies Treats we made!

Here’s the inspiration…

So super simple. We just made regular Rice Krispies Treats, with Smart Balance butter since he has food allergies (or you could use the Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats in packages and cut them in half if you want minis and no food allergies, they contain dairy), outlined the rectangles and flooded them with Pillsbury icing (also dairy/nut/egg free), added the plus control and the name Wii in blue icing and finally a dot candy for the on button.

I started to add more detail, but it just got crowded since I made them half the size of the real thing.

Perfect for a “half” birthday in preschool and perfect for any gamer party you might be planning! {wink}

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake and create! Happy weekend!

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