Easter bunny treats

I had the best weekend. I just relaxed, spent time with family and friends and played with a few new recipes. It was perfect. And this little treat was one of the fun things I worked on.

By the way, are you on Instagram?! I just got on and I’m admittedly a bit addicted. It’s a great way for me to share with you what I’ve got working, while I’m working on it! If you’re on, I’d love to connect with you! You can find me at @thecelebrationshoppe   

Okay, back to these goodies. Easter is only a few short weeks away and I’m so so so ready for Spring, so this weekend I started planning.

I ran to Kroger and grabbed some Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats, toothpicks, Pillsbury icing and green crepe paper. I even picked up the sweet little platter and bowl I used to style the shot! You’ll also need a bit of tape and orange food coloring.

So here’s what you do. Cut a Treat cross-ways creating two triangles/carrots. If one side of your triangle has a sharp edge, just mold it down with your finger.

Next, tint your icing orange. I use gel food coloring; it’s less watery. Once you have your icing the color you want, melt it in eight second intervals. You want it soft, but not hot. It needs to run, but not drip. I melted a cup of icing for my treats in three, eight second, intervals and it was perfect. (NOTE: Depending on how many you make and how quickly you move, you might have to rewarm your icing as you go.)

To cover your carrots, dip if your icing is deep enough. Mine wasn’t so I used a spoon to quickly cover the entire Treat. Then I added ridges with a toothpick before the icing dried.

While your treats are drying, make your carrot tops. Take a 10″ strip of green crepe paper and fold it in half twice (four layers).

Cut a fringe to the half way point and roll the crepe around a toothpick making a cylinder. Once wrapped, insert a small piece of folded tape inside the last fold to close. Remove the crepe from the toothpick and trim off a 1/3″.

 Here’s what you’ll have, perfect little carrot tops.

These would be perfect placesettings for Easter dinner. I filled the little bowls with dirt… aka the new Keebler Dark Chocolate Stripe Cookies! YUM!  

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake and create!

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