space birthday party photo booth

My customer, Kathleen, sent me these wonderful pictures of her handsome little Owen turning 3. Don’t you just love those curls?!

This is Owen and a few of his little friends posing in front of a DIY space inspired photo booth Kathleen created from a large sheet of black paper, paper stars and a rocket ship balloon. Even the simplest backdrops make for sweet birthday pictures to share with guests.

Kathleen also shared all the activities she created for Owen’s party. In her own words: “Activities at the party were a moon walk, using inflatable air mattresses we borrowed from friends, we painted rockets and decorated them with stickers and stars, etc. We made the rockets from 2-liter pop bottles and added cardboard fins, plus used a doll cone for the top of the rocket and then spray painted them red and white. We also searched for moon rocks, which were just plastic Easter eggs wrapped in aluminum foil. The kids loved looking for them! They liked it so much we hid them all again while they worked on another activity. We also had some rocket themed puzzles that they could paint with water colors and take home. Finally, we had a space themed back drop which we made, and we took photos of each child wearing the space helmet we had gotten our son for his present.”

And I just had to show you the favors Kathleen set up for her little guests. I love that not only did they get favor boxes full of fun food favors, but they also received books! I love the educational component. {Great job Kathleen and thank you for allowing us to share your little one’s big day!}

You can find our complete set of printable Space birthday party supplies in the shoppe. And as always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake and create!

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