Dr. Seuss teacher appreciation week

I stumbled across this fabulous Teacher Appreciation celebration idea, actually a whole week of celebration ideas, from Maegan at Confessions of a Scrapaholic.

Maegan and other parents put a ton of work into celebrating their teachers in such a fun and creative way, Dr. Seuss style. With DIY ideas and Maegan’s printables, you still have time to pull together some fun for Teacher Appreciation Week, which starts Monday!

The main “slogan” she used was “Hats Off To Our Teachers!” and a few weeks before the event, she asked her photographer friend and fellow parent, John Wolfe, to take Dr. Seuss Photo Booth style pictures of all the teachers and staff. Maegan then used the images for decorations around the school, for student activities and to decorate the daily snacks they planned.

You simply must hop over to Maegan’s blog, Confessions of a Scapaholic, for all the details, but here’s a quick look at the daily menu! 

Monday: Gourmet “Hop On Popcorn” Bar - they served eight different flavors of gourmet popcorn!

Tuesday: Biffer Baum Boxed Lunches – parents made “boxed” lunches for every staff member at the school. Maegan put together a questionnaire about preferences for the teachers and then forwarded them to the parent in charge of that specific teacher. They did a fabulous job!

Wednesday: Pink Yink Ink Drink Breakfast - now this is amazing, Maegan ordered 40 coffees from two local Starbucks and had volunteer parents pick them up. You wonder how they didn’t get all those drinks confused, Maegan made custom labels in her theme! Plus, she pink-a-fied the staff lounge by tying tulle to the tops of all the chairs, and on the cupcake stands. She provides ton of ideas and details on her blog, so please pay her a visit!

Thursday: Whoo-Feast – Maegan shares that, “The most difficult part of this luncheon was coming up with Seuss-y names for the food.” so she has provided an entire list of ideas!

Friday: Whoo-Treat Dessert Bar – Maegan again shares that the names was the toughest part and shares even more names!

And I just couldn’t end without sharing these incredible DIY The Lorax Truffula Trees that a parent created and lined the hallway with! You can find the full DIY tutorial on her blog at Mrs. Lodge’s Library.

Please visit Maegan at Confessions of a Scapaholic for all the details! {Thanks for allowing us to share Maegan! Lovely job by you and all your school parents!}

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake and create!

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    Cate! says

    Fabulous ideas–thanks for sharing! I had to share with our PTA for next week, too! {wink}

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    This is AMAZING!!! You seriously make me want to volunteer for teacher appreciation week JUST so I can do this!! I LOVE every detail!! Thanks for sharing your great ideas!!


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