Mother’s Day fingerprint art

My mom LOVES red birds. It’s her thing. She even has a beautiful china pattern with red birds. So I know she’s going to adore these small plaques with fingerprint red birds from my boys this Mother’s Day.

You’ll need:

  • smooth tile, I picked these up at Home Depot for 16 cents each
  • Martha Stewart Acrylic Craft Paint ~ Habanero (#32050)
  • Martha Stewart Acrylic Craft Paint ~ Vanilla Bean (#32069)
  • Martha Stewart self-adhesive branch stencil
  • Sharpie ~ black, thin tip
  • Spray sealant coating, to seal and protect your creation

Simple steps:

  1. Using the the Martha Stewart self-adhesive stencil template, paint on the branch
  2. Allow branch to dry for a minute and remove template while paint is still wet
  3. One child at a time, trust me…, paint the thumb and apply the bird body
  4. Paint the pinky finger and apply the bird head
  5. Using a Sharpie, add beak and feet
  6. Have your artists sign their work (name and year)
  7. Allow to dry completely and seal with spray sealant coating

I’m so thrilled with how they turned out!

As always, I hope youre inspired to craft, bake and create! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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Product provided by Jo-Ann Stores, Inc. and Plaid Paints. Ideas and opinions are my own.

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    this is so adorable! it can be used for any family holiday or grandparents day, birthdays, etc. thank you for sharing. too cute!

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