DIY coffee cozy teacher gift

Greet your new teacher this year with a mod apple coffee cozy. I made this one for me! Yes… I know… but I made it with Montia of Sew Jewell and it was just as easy to whip out two as it was one. Or, that’s what I told her! {grin) And since she’s also my mom she let it slide.

But in my defense, I did make one for a wonderful teacher friend of mine too! And what’s better, Amy started her own blog at The Teacher’s Chalkboard just last week. I’m so thrilled for her! Like any new blogger she’s just starting to find her way in this new world, but she has some amazing ideas. Just give her time! You’re gonna love her!

So, how do you sew one of these up for your teacher… or for yourself?! {wink}

Step 1 - Snag a coffee cozy from your favorite coffee shop for a template. {sideways whisper – I’ve had this one for over a year and I’m just now getting to this project!} You’ll want to cut your fabric 1/2″ wider than the cozy.

Step 2 - Select your fabric, weigh down or pin your template and fabric so that it doesn’t shift while you’re cutting (LOVE these little weights Sew Jewell had in her craft room!), and cut. (NOTE: Double your fabric back to back so you cut out both sides at once. Feel free to fussy cut it if you have a more intricate design!)

Step 3 – Select a batting (to insulate your cozy). We suggest an iron-on fusible batting.

Step 4 – Overlay your fabric on the batting, weigh it down and cut again.

Step 5 – Now take to the sewing machine and stitch the edges, making sure your fabric is turned the correct directions as shown above (fabric, batting in center, fabric) leaving a 2″ hole to turn your cozy with a fabric pointer, pushing out the edges. And then iron it flat.

Step 6 – Hand stitch or fabric glue the open end closed.

Step 7 – Now for the button hole, hopefully you have a machine that does it for you, or you could use strong adhesive Velcro dots.

I know what you’re thinking… what about that fun apple design?! Well if you have a monogramming machine like Montia…

you monogram and applique the project before you cut out the cozy. And if you don’t, no worries!

If you want one, but don’t want to make it, Sew Jewell is adding them to her etsy shop today for $15.

Or, if you do want to get creative, there is this fabulous invention called Wonder-Under Fusible WebJust make the cozy as we’ve shown, cut out a design (e.g., initials, Halloween, Christmas, anything) and then follow the Wonder-Under instructions to attach it/iron it on. Walla! You made your very own applique design! 

You can find all the supplies for this project at craft stores like Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores.

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!

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