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Every year, until this year, I scrambled around the first morning of school trying to capture a few quick pictures before rushing the kids into the car and making it to school on time. Not this year! This year, we had a mini photo shoot the day before. Much less stress, the kids’ eyes weren’t puffy from just waking up, they didn’t mind holding my props {grin}… it was wonderful. Plus, since my oldest has to wear a uniform to school, this gave him an opportunity to show his own style a bit.

We started with chalk and the driveway. I saw an idea on Pinterest, but the child was laying down and I didn’t really want them on the ground. Instead I wrote the word on the drive (ours is a bit slanted), grabbed my hubby’s eight ft. ladder, positioned myself downhill and above the boys. I really loved how they turned out!

My oldest wanted to stop and draw for a while, so I got a shot of that too. Another reason to do this the day before!

Next we moved on to chalk and slate. My neighbor got these from an old school house roof and they worked perfectly for one of my favorites, asking them what they want to be when they grow up. This year my Kindergartner chose a classic little boy answer, Fireman. As for my oldest, the answer has been scientist for two years and this year he’s honed his passion from science in general to science and math for engineering. I wonder what other loves they’ll discover this year that will mold their dreams…

They also had their own ideas of course. They wanted to walk the drive and then race on scooters. It was actually a fun little shoot. No tears, no time constraints, just fun.

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and in this case, celebrate back to school!

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