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I’m always looking for great storage for my craft room. I have an ever growing supply and it can get out of control. {grin}

So when the fabulous people at Rubbermaid asked if I’d like to try the new Bento Boxes available at JoAnns Craft and Fabric Stores, I was all in!

The new Bento Boxes are a stylish design that can stay out in the open. No need to hide these pretty fabric covered storage boxes. But they’re not just pretty, they’re a bit genius when it comes to organizing and getting the best use of the space!

Have a look! Bento Boxes have interior dividers that you can customize. They pop out, literally, from the side and they’re strong so things don’t slip under the dividers.

Other fabulous features that I’ve really enjoyed, especially when hauling my craft supplies around my house or off to photo shoots — the lids and handles. The lids are super stong and completely flat on top so you can actually use them as a work surface. But again, there’s more… you can flip the lid upside down and have a work surface with sides so things don’t roll away. This might be my favorite feature when we’re shooting outside!

And what’s better, I’m giving away a set to one lucky reader! Entering is simple and you can enter up to four times using Raffelcoption (in the box below, either login with facebook or just use your e-mail address):

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As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create, celebrate! Good luck!

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  1. 3

    Karen F. says

    If I win, I will you use the Bento Boxes to organize my make-up and another set to organize my desk supplies. Good luck to everyone but I sure hope I win :)

  2. 4

    Cindi Picou says

    that is soo cool!!! I love the flexibility these give with the removable dividers! and they’re Rubbermaid – one of my favs! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. 11

    Amy says

    If there is one thing my craft room needs is storage. It’s always a disorganized mess since I don’t have appropriate places to store my supplies. I’m using one of the kids’ old dressers that has broken drawers which looks very sad. haha
    Thank you for a chance to win !!

  4. 16

    Adriane Miller says

    I would use them to fix up my craft closet. I have tons of stuff just sitting around, it would be nice to fix it up and organize it.

  5. 30

    Amy S. says

    Wow I could so use those!!! My craft stuff is so disorganized and now my older daughter whose in college moved back in and added all her stuff to the mix. My basement is a disaster area, LOL!

  6. 33

    Brandy H says

    I would like to give up my craft room *gasp* so my oldest daughter can have her own room and so that means I’d have to be super organized in my new space my husband is finishing for me. These boxes could jump start my new set-up!!

  7. 34

    Stephanie B. says

    The Bento boxes are too cool and cute, love their versatility would love to have them in my home! they would help me out a lot!

    I am not on Facebook or Twitter so just one entry for me!

  8. 39

    Renee Richardson says

    I would love to use it for my daughters art supplies. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

    fattybumpkins at yahoo dot com

  9. 40

    Audrey han says

    Omg!! I am all about organizing! If I win I will booyakusha all of the baking ans crafting supplies in my computer room that are waiting for permanent homes ; )

  10. 47

    Theresa says

    Would love to win these. I could then organize all the piles on my scrap table and maybe find the table top again!
    Thanks for the chance.

  11. 48


    I would make my studio even more streamline and organized to promote more creativity and space. More space would open up room for friends, family, and my kiddos to come in a create too. LOVE THESE!

  12. 49

    Michele says

    I wld love to have this as so many wonderful crafters would. It wld totally help keep organization in place! Thank you!! :)

  13. 52

    LinhC says

    My daughters love to do homework on the living room coffee table. I’d use the bento boxes to house their supplies so that they can be hidden away, yet easily accessible. We sure don’t want any excuses of not having their supplies readily available to do homework! :)

  14. 56


    I would love a set of these to organize my craft area! I have 3 cabinets at one end of my dining room and it’s a hot mess. I can already picture the before and after shots!! :)

  15. 61

    Sandy Yavor says

    These look great. I have so many supplies on my crafting table there isn’t room to craft. So I could definitely put these to good use. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. 62

    Shar says

    Wow if I win what would I do with the boxes????…………
    Well my craft room is in need of a good cleaning and organizing,
    I would definitely put some ribbon in one then move on to the pens and
    punches and see what I can do with the rest!!
    Sorry actually, I have to see when they get here to see how
    it is going to benefit the craft room the most the most

  17. 68

    Sallie says

    Our new apartment is nowhere near as big as I would like – so those Bento boxes will help make the use of what space we have, especially in the bedroom/office!

  18. 74

    Deborah says

    The number of ways in which I can use these boxes is beyond words. My craft room overfloweth and the fact that you can customize with the dividers is brilliant!

  19. 75

    gabbriel scott says

    WOW!!!!! these are by Rubbermade!!! they have great products that last a lifetime. I am re organizing my “chaos” so these would be PERFECT! in my craft space…so super excited..thank you for the chance to win.

  20. 80

    Pam says

    The Bento Boxes are a great idea. I will use them for the craft supplies I have been accumulating to entertain my grandchildren. Red is my favorite color so it add to my decor having something so stylish and functional out in the open, which will be easier for the grandkids to use. Love them!

  21. 81

    Brooke says

    OMG! I would actually have an organized office/workspace and all the clutter out of my office area, kitchen and dining area! This is exactly what I have been needing!

    • 84

      Sharon says

      should have included that i’m not sure what i’ll use them for yet .. there’s so many options but i’m thinking craft/stationary would win!

  22. 89

    sandy sh. says

    these Bento boxes would be perfect for organizing my out-of-control craft room.
    plus…they look good!

      • 96


        Karen – it’s listed on the Raffelcopter badge, straight from Thanks so much for participating and best of luck next time!

        • 97

          Karen F. says

          thank you for the reply. Congrats to the winner.

          I am glad to know that I need only look at the Raffelcopter badge to see that a winner has been declared. I had not noticed that feature before.

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