LEGO building birthday party

For my oldest son’s birthday we went to Florida this year. It was fabulous. Five days of white sand and ocean breezes… heaven.

And although we had cake, sang Happy Birthday and played for days, it still wasn’t a party with his friends. So, this past weekend, a month-and-a-half later, we had a small LEGO birthday party at a local Bricks 4 Kids. 

I don’t generally do parties away from our home simply because I like to have complete control of all the details. And we all know that “play place” parties generally rush you in and out of the “cake room” in 15 minutes. But this is really what my little guy wanted so I set all my wishes aside and made it happen! I didn’t design a new collection. I didn’t break out all the bells and whistles, but I did ask my friends at Sweet Tooth Cottage to make some fabulous LEGO shaped cookies and they of course didn’t disappoint. (They’ll be coming to the shoppe in a couple of days!) 

We had a small table for cake, cookies, favors and beverages and tons of space for building LEGOS. And wow were there tons of LEGOS. The walls were lined with them, plus we had a “teacher” to show them how to build dragsters and to lead them in games!

These are just a few shots of all the fun the kids had. They built swords for a balloon relay race, they raced for LEGOS with spoons to build the best airplane and more. It was very loud for a LEGO party. {grin} 

Happy 8th birthday to my sweet boy!

As always, we hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!


  • Bricks 4 Kids – national LEGO chain, Westerville Ohio location
  • LEGO candles – Target
  • LEGO cookies – The Celebration Shoppe & Sweet Tooth Cottage

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    Sara says

    I took my kids to a Bricks 4 Kids event once and they had the best time. I bet he’d love a birthday party there! Thanks for the idea!

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