5 secrets to building a business

A few weeks ago I shared that I’ll be speaking at the last stop on this year’s Bloggy Boot Camp tour. Honestly, I’m incredibly honored that these smart ladies want me to share what I’ve learned over the past four years.

It’s been a great road, at times a bit bumpy, but great. I like to call those bumps learning opportunities… oh, and did I learn! Just know, if any business owner tells you it’s all cupcakes and rainbows they’re fibbing. I’m just thankful I have a super supportive husband, kids that don’t mind holiday parties (where they’re photographed from all angles) three months before the real holiday and some wonderful entrepreneur (bloggers and store owner) girlfriends that I can vent to and ask advice from. Oh, and my masters in marketing has come in handy a time or two too as well. {smile} 

That said, you don’t need a masters in marketing, or a masters in anything for that matter, to be a successful business owner. And since I doubt I’ll get to see each of your lovely smiling faces in Chicago (although I’d love to if you can get away for a weekend on November 2!), I thought I would outline the highlights of what I’ll be sharing.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s all very true. These are five secrets to building a successful business from the ground up:

  1. Do what you LOVE, not like, LOVE - anything less and you won’t have the passion to see your company through. The good days are easy, it’s those bad ones that will kill your ambition. 
  2. Business plan, have one – it doesn’t have to be an elaborate 80 page brief, but you do have to have one. It will help you stay focused and it will force you to articulate your goals.
  3. Value yourself – if you don’t, no one else will, including brands. Do the math. Your time, your creativity, your opinions and your reach are all critical factors in setting your “value.”
  4. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid of no – if I was afraid of hearing no I would never have been featured in Parents, All You, Better Homes and Gardens, etc., because they didn’t come to me. I pursued them. Have I heard no? Of course I have! But you can’t be afraid of it.  
  5. There is nothing better than the “REAL” you - this one is hard for business owners and bloggers in the early days, but I’m here to tell you that if you’re not “real” I’m not reading you, watching you, following you, and neither is anyone else. You can be inspired by others, but don’t be intimidated by them and don’t mimic them. We all started somewhere.

I’ll be diving into each of these in much more depth at Bloggy Boot Camp Brand Edition and if you’re planning to come, please introduce yourself!! I’d love to meet you!!

And if you can’t, but you want to learn more about the business of blogging, visit the SITS Girls for daily inspiration and tips. They cover everything from how to pitch a brand to how to make the most of your WordPress account.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Kim Byers, creative director & owner of The Celebration Shoppe. Her work has been featured in Parents, Better Homes and Gardens, All You, Pregnancy, iVillage, Huffington Post and many others. Kim is also a contributing writer for Kellogg's Snackpicks and Parade magazine, as well as craft contributor for JoAnn.

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  1. 1

    Wish I could be there to hear you speak (and give you a big hug around the neck)! You’re such a sweetie and an inspiration to so many…excited for you! :)
    Jen ~ Passion-for-Parties.com recently posted..Halloween Party FoodsMy Profile

    • 2

      I so wish you could be there too Jen! I’m sure I’ll want that hug right before going on stage in front of 200 smart business women! ;)

  2. 3

    Uau!Kim this is really inspiring, thanks for sharing and greetings from Barcelona! ;)

  3. 5

    So wish I could come!

    • 6

      Carrie – I wish you could too, but no worries! Bloggy Boot Camp usually has 5-6 events a year all over the country so keep an eye open for next year’s calendar. It will be out soon I’m sure!

  4. 7

    I’ve been thinking of attending one of their events and now I wish I had signed up for this one. I need to be more fearless!

    • 8

      Darla – you can do it! Ask for what you want. You might hear no a time or two, but be persistent and work hard. It will come!

  5. 9

    great advice. I have always admired your blog and your business. Thank you for posting.

  6. 11

    Looking forward to meeting you and hearing your story at Bloggy Boot Camp this weekend. I’ve been following your blog for years!

    Sue Kirchner