DIY headless horseman costume

My oldest was reading A to Z Mysteries, Sleepy Hollow Sleepover when we started talking Halloween costumes for this year and so it didn’t surprise me when he decided he wanted a Headless Horseman costume!

I’m not much for super scary or gross costumes, actually, we typically go as super heroes, as you can see from his little brother (aka Batman) in the background, or civil service (e.g., police swat officers, fireman). 

I tried to talk him into carrying a carved pumpkin, but that was a no go. I also tried the “I’ll paint your face and hair orange.” That too was a no go. He wanted it to sit on his head… well, you can immediately understand the issue.

Then my friends at JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores came to my rescue and didn’t even realize it. They sent me some Halloween goodies and among them were Funkins!

Super simple pumpkins to carve, no mess. It was great and he got so many compliments this past weekend at a local park’s Trick-or-Trail Halloween event, where this pic was taken. One man even asked us if it was real. Really?! Like I would put a oopy goopy pumpkin on my little one’s head! But my guy loved that the man wasn’t sure and I guess it’s a testament to how good Funkins look.   

Here’s what you’ll need:

Carving suggestions and tips:

  • Measure the Funkin and your child’s head before you purchase it. You don’t want their head to be squished!
  • Consider cutting small divots in each side of the pumpkin so that it sits on the shoulders and doesn’t slip back and forth on the child’s head.
  • Insert any padding and tack with hot glue inside the Funkin.
  • Now that the padding is in and shoulders cut, have the child place the pumpkin on and point to where their eyes are.
  • Take the pumpkin off and make a small hole. If the child can see out that hole, go ahead and carve 

For Halloween night we may let him carry my iPhone and play horse whiny noises when he goes door to door. {grin}

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!

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