DIY candy corn wreath + video tutorial

I’m a huge fan of candy corn, more so the nostalia of it than the taste, but love it all the same.

And today I’m sharing how to make a candy corn inspired Halloween wreath using pine cones! My boys were playing a game where they would throw their footballs into three pine trees in our side yard to see who could knock down the most pine cones. Needless to say we had an overabundance and I felt challenged to make something out of them. {grin}

I’m pretty proud of how my pine cone wreath turned out! Here’s what you’ll need to make your own candy corn inspired pine cone wreath: 

  • 15-17 medium size pine cones (if you can’t find them in nature, you can pick them up at your local JoAnns Fabric and Craft Store)
  • orange, yellow and white spray paint
  • base wreath (this one I upcycled from an old project, but you can pick them up for a few dollars at your local craft store)
  • orange ribbon
  • orange, yellow and white cardstock
  • stick glue
  • tools: scissors, glue gun

And here’s a easy how to video tutorial to show you all the easy steps for making your own pine cone wreath craft:

Oh, and don’t forget, my Candy Corn Halloween Party Collection (like these dessert labels) is free for download right now! Enjoy! 

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate! Happy Halloween!!

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