Thanksgiving kid activity: thankful tree

My little ones NEED fun things to keep them busy on Thanksgiving Day because the rest of us congregate in the kitchen a lot. Not always cooking… more like nibbling… as my mom cooks.

So this year my boys are going to be decorating part of their own Thanksgiving kids table. First craft up, a Thankful Tree, but instead of cutting out or punching out leaf shapes, they will be rubbing real leaves with crayons and they will be collecting said leaves as well. The reason? I want this activity to take longer than 3 minutes. {grin}

Join me over at Kellogg’s for more Thanksgiving Day kid activity ideas, and some very fun Thanksgiving kid treats from me and other fabulous bloggers.

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!

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      So glad you like it! My requirement was it was something they could do on their own — from collecting the leaves to rubbing them with crayons to writing what they’re thankful for! ;)

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