my happy new year photo card

Hey everyone! I’ve more than enjoyed a bit of downtime with the family over the past few days. It has been amazing. And yes, as you can tell from my holiday card this year, I’m one of those people that is sending out New Years holiday cards instead of Christmas cards.

The primary reason for me was that I really wanted to use my Confetti Happy New Years photo card… and I didn’t have a great picture to use. I mean, you know me, I have tons of pics of my boys (I make you guys look at them all the time!), but no recent ones with snow. And I really wanted snow.

You ask why you can’t see snow in this picture… well. That is because the beautiful little boy on the bottom just had to wear that stocking cap and it’s a yucky shade of green. Oh well… he was warm and there is always the black and white version. {grin}

This is what it looked like in color. I was proud that I captured their eyes… but that hat… wow! I blame his dad. I can promise you that I didn’t buy it.

And as you can see from these pictures from my Instagram feed (join me @thecelebrationshoppe), we finally got snow. And lots of it. (This second pic was taken at a friends out in the country. Beautiful isn’t it!) Yep, I went sledding. Let me tell you, that hill isn’t small. I wish I had video of it for you. I admit. The first time down I screamed like I was on a roller coaster… one without any seat belts. {wink}

Over the past few days I also made a few New Year’s resolutions. Mostly pertaining to The Celebration Shoppe, but a few personal ones too. AND I’m going to a little New Year’s Eve shindig tonight. All in all… a great end to a fabulous year.

I pray you’re all having a wonderful holiday season and that you’re ready to kick off 2013 with health, happiness, a bit of baking, a party or two and maybe a little crafting on the side!

Missed you all and I’ll be back with some fun new ideas on Wednesday!

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