mint to be! Valentine freebies

free kid valentine templates

Need a few more kid Valentine ideas? I’ve got you covered with my FREE Valentine Mint To Be Friends printable templates, perfect for the mint lovers in all of us!

Just download my free Mint To Be Friends Valentines printables, personalize with your child’s name (click on the sample name and a cursor will appear, but only after you’ve downloaded the file!), print, trim and wrap around a box of Junior Mints! Wallah… your kid has the coolest Valentines in the class and you win the mom of the year award! {grin}

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate! LOVE you guys!

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      • 3

        Laurel Rosa says

        I LOVE these! I happen to have a bunch of Lemonhead boxes leftover from another project. I don’t suppose you have ‘pucker up’ or ‘main squeeze’ wrappers in your head for these?

        • 4


          Laurel – I hadn’t, but I love the idea! Not sure I have time to squeeze it in the schedule, but maybe. And if I do, you’ll get the first set! ;)

  1. 5

    Christine T says

    Wow! I have always love free printables, but you’ve taken these to a whole. “nother. level! Thanks so much for making them customizable! They are so trendy and cute! My kids will LOVE giving these out! THANK YOU from someone who will never know how to do this type of thing and appreciates you SO much!

    • 6


      Christine – you are so very welcome! And just let me say “thank you” for the sweet note! It means a lot when readers take the time to comment and tell me how much they enjoy something I wrote or designed.

      Have a wonderful Valentines!!!

  2. 7

    Melissa says

    Love this valentine idea! Do you know what size box the wrapper goes around? the mini box, the theater size or the middle size (1.84 oz)? I’m planning on doing these for my son’s class. Thank you again!!

  3. 8

    Anjie Behunin says

    Thank you! I save it with MY name to give to MY friends for Valentine’s Day. Perfect with the new heart shaped Jr. Mints. :)

    • 13


      Tamara – I just clicked on it and it took me directly to the file (and it says it’s been downloaded almost 5K times). So sorry you’re having trouble!

    • 15


      Good morning Paula! There should be nothing to install. I think you’re looking at an ad on the bottom of the page (on the site). I’ve seen that ad before. It’s so annoying. It looks like it’s part of the page, but you don’t have to install anything. I’ve e-mailed the file to you. Enjoy!


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