Mother’s Day giveaway ~ iPad mini +

Mothers Day

Morning ladies! Okay, so Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I have two fabulous things to share with you!

First, do you have a million pictures of your kiddos (like I do) that you’d like to share with your mom and dad, grandparents, brother, cousin… etc.? And do you feel guilty (like me) that you never get around to sharing them… Ummm… yep.

Well, familiar, a free app turns the screens you already have (iPhone, Android, Tablets, PCs, and Macs) into a picture frame, allowing you to see and share family photos… PRIVATELY… no matter where you are. I know, you probably think I have no private pics because you see my kiddos here, on facebook, on Instagram… everywhere. But trust me, there are pictures, like of Christmas morning when my hair is still standing on end, that I prefer not to share with the world. Call me crazy. {grin}

And the best part, you don’t have to be app-savvy. Just download the familiar app. Upload pics. Invite family and close friends to join. Photos start showing up instantly in computer screensavers and smartphone/tablet photo wallets. Easy peasy and no more grumpy moms or mother-in-laws asking for pics from the family picnic for a third time!

Watch this short video to learn more… then go download the familiar app!

Second, we’ve teamed up with familiar to give you the chance to win the most amazing gifts ~ an iPad mini and a Shutter bag camera bag… one for you and one for your mom! {squeal} I only wish I could win myself!

We’re using Rafflecopter so I’m sure you know the drill, but just in case, you can either enter with your e-mail or with your facebook account.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Mother’s Day and make sure you check out the FREE familiar app. As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate! Oh, and share the pictures with your family and friends! {wink}

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  1. 4

    Alisha Jewell says

    I want to share the recent photo of my toddler trying on daddy’s work boots. The boots almost swallow him!

    • 5


      Alisha – that is so funny! I have a picture of my oldest, when he was two, in his dad’s boots. It is one of my favorite pictures!

  2. 7

    Kelly P says

    We took our son on his first trian ride last week. We have a picture of him barely containing his glee as we were waiting to leave the station!!

    • 9


      Jessica – I’m with you. It’s just those everyday moments. Like, I took a picture of my little guy at McDonald’s the other day. Nothing huge, just a cutie eating hash browns! But my mom would think it adorable! ;)

  3. 14

    Reva Trenton says

    My daughters and my Mother (who has been ill) were recently together for a day. We took pics together surrounded by Mom’s beautiful azaleas.

  4. 17

    Suz says

    oh -p.s. i would share pictures of our school variety show – the practices may be even more fun than the actual performances!

  5. 18

    Josie says

    I would love to share pictures of my kids starting school this coming up year, so excited for them! It’s a big deal because they’re only preschoolers! They never been to school but they’re SO excited to see one, let alone spend time there!

  6. 24

    Chelsea Hoskisson says

    I’d love to share the pictures of my 8 month old with a Nutella mustache and he’s just as happy as can be!

  7. 25

    Sherri says

    I love sharing pictures of my boys at their sporting events. It’s hard for Aunts, Uncles & grandparents to make it, so taking pics using instagram helps.

  8. 26

    Leanna says

    We have so many awesome adventures, but most recently I would love to share our trail ride in our hills with my 5 year old daughter.

  9. 28

    Robin says

    Any pics where I can get my teenage daughter to actually smile in a picture and not hide her face……lol

  10. 31

    Katy S says

    My dad isn’t able to get out of the house much, so I’d love to share lots of pictures of my kids doing their different activities with him!!

  11. 33

    Diana "Zookie" Zylstra says

    A recent family moment that I would share would be of my youngest daughter’s 11th birthday party at the local park.

  12. 34

    Angie says

    The picture of my grandmother with her daughter, which is my mom, the grand-daughters, and great grand children. she is 96 years old and in the icu. Oh she doing loads better but these pictures mean more than anything to us. She is our last living grandparent, and her attitude towards life is just wonderful. her thoughts on age is its just numbers, its how you feel that matters. :)

  13. 35

    Gabriela says

    The recent photo shoot that I would like to share is when my daughter made my 1 year old son walk by himself. I didn’t get the chance to meet my grandparents and it so fun to share the pictures with my mother and father at least I know they have been close to my children like I always wanted to be.

  14. 37

    Beth Mayson says

    I Love taking pictures of my twins…They are growing up sooo fast…pictures help freeze those moments in time!

  15. 38

    Kristin Pence says

    Kids,nieces, nephews and 97 year old grandparents.. Pictures help capture memories that last forever. The only access I have is my work computer and my cell phone. Would love to be able to share many more memories!.. Love, birthdays, Christmas, sports, dance and just all out fun.. I love it all.

  16. 40

    Arlena says

    I would like to share a recent picture my sister and brother we took!! Last picture we took together was when we were kids!!!

  17. 42

    Natalie Clause says

    My family recently went to an interactive zoo where all my son was able to play with all of the animals. The photos were amazing!

  18. 43

    dianna f. says

    Would love to share epics of my granddaughter with my parents. Especially of her wild hair

  19. 45

    Kathy A says

    So hard to choose a favorite. My boys have played year round hockey for years, so I have lots of hockey pictures. My girls were in the high school band and on the field hockey team so I have lots of those. I love my pictures of family get togethers. I guess I just like to share my family. With Mother’s Day coming I want to get lots of pictures with my kids and my Mom!!

  20. 47

    Stefanie Katouzian says

    I love to share all of Sophia’s moments with the whole family. She started crawling and I would love to be able to share that with EVERYONE.

  21. 57

    Lindsey Anderson says

    I would love to share the most recent play I went to with my grandfather with my out of state family.

  22. 59

    Kristy says

    This is the first I’ve heard of Familiar. Thanks for sharing and hosting such a fabulous giveaway.

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