Purple Minion Valentine Card Box {Easy Kid Craft}

Yesterday I posted a bit of inspiration for Valentine Card Boxes and today I can’t help but share my youngest son’s Valentine Card Box, a purple minion from Despicable Me 2! I’m such a proud momma!

Easy DIY Purple Minion Valentine Card Box | TheCelebrationShoppe.com

It’s hilarious and so fun. And I know what you’re thinking, but no… really… this was all him. I helped him find some goodies at the store to pull this guy off, but then he went for it. Craft supplies everywhere and the kitchen had to be swept twice to get up all the little scraps of paper, tape… oh and we won’t talk about the glue on the kitchen table… but in the end, I’m so proud of my crafty kid.

So sorry that there are no “in process” craft shots, but I wasn’t planning to share until it was done and he was so proud… and I was so proud of him. This pic is even taken with my iPhone!

If you want to make your own Purple Minion Valentine Card Box for your class Valentine party, here’s what he used:

  • Plastic purple tablecloth,
  • Purple tissue paper,
  • Box (just one we had around the house with a hole in the top, hidden by the crazy hair),
  • Aluminum foil,
  • Construction paper, and
  • Lots of glue and tape
  • Optional: 3″ hole punch

Easy steps:

  1. Select a box with a hole in the top, or cut one.
  2. Wrap box with purple plastic tablecloth (or wrapping paper).
  3. Punch two large aluminum foil circles for glasses.
  4. Cut out two eyes, mouth, teeth, arms, hands and boots from construction paper and apply with glue liberally. {grin}
  5. Glue tissue paper to top for hair and snip with scissors for crazy effect.

Want more Valentine Card Box and DIY Valentine Card Ideas for Friday, make sure and browse my Valentine Pinterest board with over 350 ideas!

I also have several free Valentine printable downloads here on the blog:

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate! And if you like this idea, I’m sure my son would appreciate a comment or two!

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