LEGO building birthday party

For my oldest son’s birthday we went to Florida this year. It was fabulous. Five days of white sand and ocean breezes… heaven.

And although we had cake, sang Happy Birthday and played for days, it still wasn’t a party with his friends. So, this past weekend, a month-and-a-half later, we had a small LEGO birthday party at a local Bricks 4 Kids. 

I don’t generally do parties away from our home simply because I like to have complete control of all the details. And we all know that “play place” parties generally rush you in and out of the “cake room” in 15 minutes. But this is really what my little guy wanted so I set all my wishes aside and made it happen! I didn’t design a new collection. I didn’t break out all the bells and whistles, but I did ask my friends at Sweet Tooth Cottage to make some fabulous LEGO shaped cookies and they of course didn’t disappoint. (They’ll be coming to the shoppe in a couple of days!) 

We had a small table for cake, cookies, favors and beverages and tons of space for building LEGOS. And wow were there tons of LEGOS. The walls were lined with them, plus we had a “teacher” to show them how to build dragsters and to lead them in games!

These are just a few shots of all the fun the kids had. They built swords for a balloon relay race, they raced for LEGOS with spoons to build the best airplane and more. It was very loud for a LEGO party. {grin} 

Happy 8th birthday to my sweet boy!

As always, we hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!


  • Bricks 4 Kids – national LEGO chain, Westerville Ohio location
  • LEGO candles – Target
  • LEGO cookies – The Celebration Shoppe & Sweet Tooth Cottage

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pirate ship and skull cookies

Our cookie partners at Sweet Tooth Cottage created the most AARGH-tastic {grin} yummy and cute pirate cookies to go with our new printable pirate party collections: pirate ship and pirate skull.

Visit the entire collection, including these yummy melt-in-your-mouth pirate ship and pirate skull butter cookies, invitations, thank yous, printable pirate party decorations and custom t-shirts, in the shoppe: pirate ship and pirate skull. And as always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake and create! 

Photography credits: Angie Arthur Photogaphy.

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introducing pumpkin patch

I’m just in love with the argyle pattern that we’ve used throughout our new Pumpkin Patch collection. It was the very first element that we designed and then the entire collection came together from there. I hope you love it as much as I do!

We shot this party (photography by my talented friend Angie of Angie Arthur Photography) at a lovely, and real, working farm only minutes from my house in Ohio. Freeman’s Farm is actually where we take our kids each October for hay rides, pumpkin picking, kettle korn, hot dogs by the campfire, scarecrow crafts. It’s a fabulous time and I highly recommend it if you live in the area.

This season just makes me smile. The chilly air, the vibrant leaves russling in the wind, all the final fresh produce of the year littering the fields. And I wanted this collection to be all those things, full of fall colors and elements, but then with the unexpected pops of blue like last year’s Harvest collection that featured the scarecrow.

Pumpkin Patch features a fun little hoot owl with an argyle sweater and the phrase HAPPY HARVEST. We designed beverage wrappers, cupcake picks and argyle cupcake wrappers (my favorite!),

we couldn’t resist a chevron pattern with pumpkins and “Happy Harvest”,

argyle napkin rings, a large hoot owl that we used as a photo prop, but that could also be used as backdrop or other decor,

dessert labels and fun “THANK HOO!” favor tags,

pattern flags or straw slips,

mini banner pennants (that include the owl and the pumpkins, as well as chevron, argyle and dot patterns),

cello toppers, and

a HAPPY HARVEST mat, which we used on this sweet little wagon full of our paper pumpkins. We shot this collection in July and there wasn’t a pumpkin in sight. Soooo what do crafters do when they can’t find what they need? Yep. We make it. {wink} Tutorial coming soon for the pumpkins and the apples you see in the dessert table backdrop.

And then there were the fabulously yummy butter cookies from our partners at Sweet Tooth Cottage. I just love that they were able to create him wearing his little sweater! {Thank you Sue!}

And I can’t resist sharing a few pics of our sweet little models

and their super silly faces. {LOVE this one!}

You can find the entire Pumpkin Patch collection in the shoppe early next week and as always, I hope you’re inspired! Happy Friday everyone!

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end summer with a splash, II

I shared some pictures of my new Splash Bash and Deep Blue Sea collections almost a week ago, and this morning I’m showing tons more. With summer closing in on us, why not go out with a splash?!

It’s as simple as packing a picnic lunch.

Throwing a few goodies in the basket, like these starfish, crab, angelfish and beach ball cookies (available in the shoppe with the collections, but baked and shipped from our partners at Sweet Tooth Cottage), innertube donuts, raft sugar wafers and embellished cupcakes.

Inviting a few good friends.

Heading out.

And having a blast!

You can find the Splash Bash and Deep Blue Sea collections, including this fun crab monogram on a t-shirt from our partners at Sew Jewell, in the shoppe. {You can convo Sew Jewell directly on Etsy if you’re interested in the towels.}

  • Thank You Note
  • Party Printable Supplies

And what about a good ole water balloon fight. As always, I hope you’re inspired!

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art party placecard cookies, creative juice & more


I love the idea of sitting down to a party with a little treat already at arms length, because let’s face it, young or old, it’s difficult to be so close to so many treats and wait. {wink} So for our recent art party collection I worked with my cookie partners at Sweet Tooth Cottage to create these beautiful frame placecard cookies , the same frames from the printable collection printed on sugar paper and personalized.

For the mini easels, we picked them up at JoAnns Fabric and Craft Stores for less than a $1 and spray painted them white. The cookies fit perfectly and the kids were giddy.

To the right of the placesetting each guest had their own bottle of creative juice (part of our printable collection). A little something to get them going before working on their cupcake art for the gallery!

And I have to admit that I’m just in love with our new polka dot, stripes and check plates and napkins. The colors and patterns offer so many possibilities and work perfectly with our art party napkin rings.

For more art party ideas, read my other posts:

Photography by the fabulous Angie Arthur Photography! As always, I hope you’re inspired!

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art party dessert table

For the third post in our new art birthday party series (#1 art party Crayola crayon craft, #2 create an art gallery) I styled an easy art party dessert table using two sizes of clear paint cans for serving dishes, mini easels (spray painted white for displaying the dessert tags) and bold damask blue fabric; all three items from JoAnn Fabric and Craft Stores), a beautiful square cake plate from the Martha Stewart Collection at Macy’s and several of our new printables and a blue moire tablecloth from our art party collection.

And although the table was full of yummy desserts, my very favorite are these palette cookies  from our cookie partners at Sweet Tooth Cottage (available with the rest of the collection in the shoppe).

Because they’re butter cookies, not sugar cookies, they’re soft and literaly melt in your mouth (STC also created placecard cookies for the table so stop back in to see those lovelies or hop on into the shoppe if you just can’t wait)!  And the cake (flat iced with buttercream frosting), before it was embellished, cost me $5.99 per layer from the Kroger bakery.

Other treats included fun paint brush cake pops {thank you again Terri for testing and executing my idea so very perfectly!} and chocolate covered Oreos from Terri’s Treasures,

homemade cupcakes (I used Duncan Hines cake mix and Pillsbury icing since my youngest has severe dairy allergies and both are dairy free!),

marshmallow paint cans (I literally painted each marshmallow with a small amount of Karo syrup, just enough for them to be sticky, rolled them in colorful nonpareils and allowed them to dry overnight on wax paper. Be careful not to use too much Karo or your colors will run.),

bright gumballs (and the mini chocolates around the edge of the cake) from our friends at That’s So Sweet,

and just one more picture of the gumballs because the girls were just too cute! Plus, the applique/monogrammed birthday shirt to the left is available with the art party collection in the shoppe. All the other girls were wearing clothes from Sew Jewell on Etsy.


rainbow Twizzlers, apples and oranges. I do like to have a few healthy choices! Oh, and there was one more goody that made the debut at our art party dessert table, more to come on that one in a few weeks with a fun announcement! {wink}

For more art party details, visit my art birthday party collection in the shoppe and my creative Crayola crayon craft idea, how to create an art gallery complete with 3-D cupcake art, art party photo ops and art party placesettings with edible placecards. As always, I hope you’re inspired!

Photography by the fabulous Angie Arthur Photography!

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planet & spaceship cupcakes

For our new space birthday party collection our partners at Sweet Tooth Cottage used our printable cupcake pick designs to make edible sugar paper planet and spaceship rounds. How simple and fun are these!!

They come in sets of 24 with four designs (the fourth is the red planet on our invitation) and are already cut as rounds so you just have to peel them off and place them on your cupcakes or cookies. You can find them with the rest of the space collection in the shoppe now.

Happy weekend everyone and as always, I hope you’re inspired!

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IRISH I had a cookie

My cookie partners at Sweet Tooth Cottage, the super talented bakers that hand-ice our On the Farm, Princess Castle, Science, Tree House and holiday collections (with more coming soon) are gearing up for St. Patty’s Day and Easter!

And these are the same melt-in-your-mouth butter cookies that Sue and her team whip up for us. They’re much softer than sugar cookies and Sue and her team take great care to package them so that there’s no breakage. Once dry, each cookie is heat sealed in a 4″ cello, perfect for our cello toppers, and then attached to a board with an adhesive dot so that they don’t shift during shipping. The cookies are then placed in a sturdy white baker’s box and packed inside a shipping box with foam. They’ll even hand write a note in case you want to send them as a gift.

Shamrock Cookies – Box includes 15 hand-iced butter cookies for $26 (Order by: Thursday, March 10th for shipping to most areas to arrive by St. Patrick’s Day. Order by: Monday, March 14th for local pick-up in the Columbus Ohio area on March 16)


I’m in LOVE with those carrots and aren’t the bunnies just adorable! I may have to have some for our Easter baskets this year. And in keeping in the true spirit of the holiday, her crosses are perfect! Easter assortment – Box includes 15 hand-iced butter cookies for $26- $28 (Order by: Saturday, April 16th  for shipping to most areas to arrive by Easter.)

The best way to order is to call Sweet Tooth Cottage at 614.361.6166 or e-mail Sue at As always, I hope you’re inspired!

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