no carve pumpkins

no carve pumpkinOur boys get so excited about the season each year that we typically buy our pumpkins in mid September. So that we can enjoy our pumpkins longer, we outline a carving template on our pumpkins and then color them in with a black sharpie (we ran through two large ones last year). Our neighbors and guests think they’re carved and marvel at how perfect they are. And since we can’t illuminate them from the inside, we use purple and orange lights all around our display so you can see our creations in the dark.

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buckaroo photo op

Cowboy cutoutA fun craft for any child birthday is to create a character photo op. We made this one for our cowboy birthday party so that the children could stand behind it and wear the cowboy hat. All you need is:

  • 48″ dowel, ¾ inch in diameter (available at the hardware store)
  • Two wire ties
  • Hot glue
  • Razor/box cutter
  • Sheet of craft board
  • Western shirt, jeans and vest
  • Plastic sheriff badge
  • Cowboy hat
  • Rope for belt
  • Bandana

Have your child lie down on the craft board and draw an outline of him/her. (You’ll notice that our cowboy is a little bowlegged and has one arm raised). Cut the board out using the razor and then poke holes in the center of the chest and at the belt level. Insert your wire ties and secure the cutout to the dowel. Now dress your cutout and secure the clothing with hot glue if necessary. (Tip: We used an old shirt and jeans and cut them to fit the child size.) Pin on your sheriff badge, insert the dowel in the ground (in front of a hay bale if you have one) and set the cowboy hat on top. The kids will have a great time and you’ll get fun pictures for your scrapbook.

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pirate flag how to

Pirate flag craftNo respectable pirate bash is complete without a pirate flag flying!

And don’t let the number of steps keep you from trying this cool craft. It’s actually very easy and is a fun addition to the celebration. Plus, this craft can be repurposed for play or even bedroom decor after the party is over.

Here are all the details including a materials list, tools list, templates and step-by-step instructions.

Happy crafting.

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