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My goal is to inspire my readers. Sometimes that is through the things we here at The Celebration Shoppe create and sometimes that is through the fabulous ideas of others like you.

If you have a real party, craft idea or food/treat idea that you think our readers would enjoy, we’d love to see! When considering submissions, please keep in mind that we look for: 

  • high resolution photography that tells a story,
  • original ideas, and when possible
  • unpublished, on blogs other than your own, content.

Send links and/or zipped images, as well as details (DIY steps, resources) to our e-mail address with the subject line Get Featured: topic of your post/idea

And although we’d love to share all of your fabulous ideas and parties, unfortunatley it’s just not possible with only 24 short hours in the day. We’ll be in touch via e-mail if you’re idea is scheduled to be featured.  

Have you been featured already?! Make sure you grab our “I’ve been featured” button on the blog homepage.

Thanks for stopping in and as always, I hope you’re inspired!