Easter cross krispies



I was in charge of the Easter celebration “sweet” snack for my son’s preschool class yesterday (there were also healthy snacks… but for some reason I’m never asked to bring those… hmm… ) and I chose to make these fun cross krispie treats

I was going to pipe a purple ribbon of icing, but then decided that I would be nice to his teacher and not add another shot of pure sugar to each child just before circle time. I should get a gold star or something for being so considerate! {grin}

You can whip these, or any other shape, up with a bit of butter (since my guy has food allergies we used Kellogg’s Rice Krispie cereal and Smart Balance Light Butter to make these dairy free) on your cookie cutter and maybe a touch on your hands.

As always, I hope you’re inspired and HAPPY EASTER!

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tiny peek at last week’s shoot

I’m so excited to share our newest collection and the photos from our shoot with the fabulous Angie Arthur Photography. Although we’re not ready yet, I couldn’t resist showing you a quick picture I took with my camera of one of the small flower vases on the table {let’s be clear, this is me, Angie’s images are amazing!}.

This entire project just made me smile. We designed, we crafted, we created custom monogrammed birthday shirts to match the collection, we partnered with a fabulous new company to make lovely dresses for all of our little models from our casting call, my cookie partners baked custom butter cookies (that the little models gobbled up), plus much more. As I said, I can’t wait to share!

By the way, we’ve got a fabulous giveaway planned when the new collection is announced! Stay tuned!

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sew inspired for Easter

Just a few finds that make me wish I knew how to sew! Thank goodness my mom does. {Oh mom! I have a few projects for you…}

Retro Mama’s Fabric Eggs – love this project! Not only is there a fabulous pictorial… you know how much I love a pictorial {wink}, but her name is Kim and she has two boys! She could be my twin… except that I can’t sew… hmmm. Will have to work on that.

Midwestern Sewing Girl’s Easter {chick and bunny} pillows – I really like how this project brings in a bit of spring, but doesn’t take over OR clash with all of the other decor in your room for three to four weeks out of the year. Smart!

I Candy Handmade’s Easter Egg T-shirt – again, loving a great pictorial! Plus, this was a stained t-shirt before she overlaid this beautiful egg. We moms always have one of those laying around… okay, so I have more than one.

Hop over and visit these talented ladies for all the fabulous “how tos” and as always, I hope you’re inspired!

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FREE Easter printables designed for Parents magazine

For my “Crafty Easter Tabletop Ideas” article with Parents magazine we created a few FREE Easter printables. The “Happy Easter” wrap is perfect as a napkin ring, beverage wrapper, or

vase and craft jar wrapper. Download the Easter wrappers and two pattern sheets (used to make the mommy bird craft seen at the beginning of the article).

Other ideas for the table include surprising your guests by dressing up their cups with colorful straws and a Murray Sugar-Free Shortbread Cookie (YUM!),  

and by embellishing the backs of the chairs with fun and simple crepe paper ruffles. And if you didn’t see the other crafts included in the article, here’s a quick recap:

Make sure you hop over for your FREE Easter printables and as always, I hope you’re inspired!

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Easter chick cookie pops for Parents magazine

I’ve shared on numerous occasions that my youngest has severe food allergies. Well as you can imagine it breaks my heart when he can’t have something pretty and yummy like the other kids. With that in mind, I made these fun dairy and nut free Easter chick cookie pops for my article with Parents magazine.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sandwich cookies (I used Oreos because they have no milk, egg or nut products), two per chick
  • Icing (I used Pillsbury white icing because it has no milk, egg or nut products)
  • Yellow and orange gel food coloring (liquid thins the icing)
  • Lollipop sticks
  • Orange non-perils
  • Resealable bag, icing connector and #2 and #46 tips

Easy steps:

  1. Open your sandwich cookies and lay a lollipop stick inside, pressing it into the filling
  2. Tint ¾ of your yellow icing in a microwaveable bowl
  3. Spoon out ¼ of the yellow icing, set rest aside, and microwave it for 8 seconds
  4. Spoon melted icing over lollipop stick, replace cookie top and allow them to cool for 5 minutes
  5. Melt remaining icing and spoon over each cookie pop; allow them to cool for a minute and then add eyes and beak
  6. After cookie pop is completely dry, pipe on wings (icing tip #46) and feet (icing tip #2)

As always, I hope you’re inspired!

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Easter egg flower craft for Parents magazine

This is probably the craft I loved creating the most for the Parents magazine “Crafty Easter Tabletop Ideas” article. These DIY felt and Easter egg flowers are so simple, the kids can help and you can color coordinate them to any Easter color palette!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Egg
  • Felt
  • Scissors
  • Craft paint
  • Hot glue
  • Lollipop sticks

Easy steps:

  1. Hollow out your eggs and wash gently (see the pictorial in yesterday’s post about the mommy bird egg).
  2. Let the kids finger paint the eggs and set them to dry on lollipop sticks. (You can also paint the lollipop stick to look like a stem if you want to display in grass or moss!)
  3. Cut petals out of felt.
  4. Hot glue petals to the base of the egg (near the larger hole) and display on lollipop sticks.

You can see more craft ideas and download FREE PRINTABLES from my article at parents.com. As always, I hope you’re inspired!

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Craft Link parties

Tip Junkie handmade projects

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press: Easter ideas for Parents magazine

I couldn’t be more thrilled and feel more blessed to finally share that I wrote a contributing article for Parents magazine, titled Crafty Easter Tabletop Ideas. It’s currently the first idea listed under Easter parties on parents.com {still reeling from excitement}!

I would LOVE for you to hop over, scroll through the article and if you like what you see, click the facebook “like” button for me, or if you’re a parents.com member, leave a comment! And if you do, please let me know and I’ll send huge virtual hugs your way! Oh, and did I mention there is a FREE PRINTABLE in it for you? Yep! You didn’t think this was going to be all about me did you?!

The article includes a colorful Easter placesetting idea, two easy Easter craft ideas, a fun Easter treat idea and three FREE printable sheets.

And here are a few images to go with the “how to” steps listed for that cute little mommy “egg” bird in the feature image. By the way, step 1, hollowing out the egg, is actually pretty easy. You just pearce both ends with a needle, making one end large enough to put a lollipop stick in. Whirl the stick around a bit to break up the egg yolk and it will come right out. As the final step, wash the egg throughly, and gently, with anti-bacterial soap and allow it to dry before letting the kids finger paint the body.  

I’ll be sharing more images and details for the other crafts and ideas tomorrow.

As always, I hope you’re inspired and thank you so much for supporting me and my dream. You all make my heart sing every day with your follows, likes, tweets and sweet comments! I couldn’t ask for a better support system!

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stork baby shower cookies

Today we have a guest! Callye from Sweet Sugar Belle created these fabulous stork and hippo cookies using my new Special Delivery baby shower collection as her inspiration. Here are all the details as written by Callye!
These precious little storks were made to coordinate with the Special Delivery collection from The Celebration Shoppe.
For the stork cookie, I simply used an ice cream cone cutter.  You can trim it if you’d like, but it will look fine if you choose not to. Once you’ve baked the cookies and they have cooled completely, you are ready to decorate.
To decorate your own stork cookies you will need:
  • white and dark orange piping icing
  • white and orange flood icing
  • black 4mm sugar pearls
  • tweezers


To begin, outline a circle for the stork’s head. If you aren’t comfortable piping a circle freehand, try this little trick I know.  Using a food color marker {I used yellow because it’s my lightest and least used color} trace around something round like a cookie cutter so you will have a guideline to follow when you pipe.
Be sure to pipe around the OUTSIDE of the lines with the icing, so the “cheat” lines are hidden underneath the icing.
When this is done, outline the beak. Soon afterward, fill the beak outline with orange flood icing. Let this dry for at least thirty minutes or longer so that the orange icing is well set. 
Next fill in white outline. If you try to fill in the head too soon, it may cause the two colors to run together or bleed, so do not rush this step.
To complete your stork while the icing is still wet, use the tweezers to drop a candy bead into the middle of the white circle.  This will be the stork’s eye.
Let these dry for eight hours and you will have a simple but cute cookie that perfectly matches the Special Delivery collection!
 Good luck and happy decorating!
I’m sure all of you are loving Callye’s work like I do and you might be wondering about those fun little hippo cookies that also match our new Special Delivery baby shower collection. Well she posted the tutorial for those sweeties over on her blog today! Yay! So hop over and take a look!
As always, I hope you’re inspired!
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special delivery! baby shower

I shared with you a few weeks ago our storyboard for a new baby shower collection: Special Delivery. I’m just in love with purple this season. And when I found these purple swiss dot plates and napkins I just knew they would be perfect for our baby shower shoot. And the fabulous part is, they’re in the shoppe with the rest of the collection: custom invitations, thank yous and printables.

Here’s another look at the invitation. How cute is our little “special delivery?!”

The other fun thing about this collection is that although it was created with baby showers in mind, we didn’t include the stork in all of the components making this collection perfect for an Easter, Mother’s Day brunch or even a spring birthday party.

And how much do you love these fabulous cookies from Sweet Sugar Belle?! I’m thrilled to say Callye will be guest posting all the DIY details for the stork, including an easy to follow pictorial on Monday! (Update: Read post!) Make sure you stop back in!

You can find the invitations and thank yous in the shoppe today and all the decor, including the printables you see here and a few more, will be in the shoppe on Monday. As always, I hope you’re inspired!

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simple & colorful Easter table

This simple, yet beautiful, idea from Family Circle caught my eye a few weeks ago when I was rummaging through some spring back issues. I just love how they introduced such vibrant colors with totally inexpensive items: Easter eggs, flowers, ribbon and paper chains. 

This is an idea that anyone could easily and inexpensively execute for a wow-worthy Easter brunch surprise. LOVE it!

And as always, I hope you’re inspired!

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