10 chalkboard crafts for back to school

Chalkboard round up-Back-to-School

Want to get organized for back to school? Love all the fabulous ideas you’ve seen using chalkboard paint?

Every year I promise myself that I’ll get a better system for organizing the daunting amounts of paper that comes home…yeah, right! {smirk} So, I gathered these great ideas to inspire all moms in their never-ending endeavor to get organized (and stay that way!)

  • School Notes Chalkboard via Kaboose is an adorable way to leave you and your kids notes for each day (and so much cuter than my little post-it’s everywhere!)
  • Back to School Slate via Mommy Creations is a portable way to keep little ones learning.
  • Chalkboard Table via My{not so} Glamorous Life makes great place for little ones to practice early math, reading and writing skills.
  • Chalkboard Desk via The Rustic Pig will help keep all those school supplies organized for homework time. Besides, what kiddo doesn’t want to have furniture he can write on?!
  • First Day of School Sign via Who Arted will leave no doubt what year you took that photo!
  • Chalkboard Calendar via PSA Stamp Camp lets you track your students busy lives.
  • Chalkboard Clothespins via create share inspire gives every little scrap a home (and a label).
  • Back-to-School Paper Holder via Seasons Gredings gives you a labelled place to keep all those loose papers that come home daily.
  • Back-to-School Teacher Gift via Mom Endeavors is a charming way to start the school year off right.
  • Chalkboard Lunchbox via Fancy Frugal Life let’s you leave sweet notes and reminders for your little student.

As always, we hope you are inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!

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lunch boxes with promise

As I mentioned on Monday (when I posted our FREE lunch box notes!), I’ve been obsessing a bit about my oldest heading off to first grade (and away from me for the entire day… for the first time since I left my corporate life). Lunch is a big part of that stress. He’s such a picky eater and I don’t want to fill his lunch box with cookies… I may have to, but I’m going on record that I don’t want to.

So, while I’ve been stressing and scouring the net for food ideas, I’ve come across some pretty cool lunch box ideas.

  1. He hates for his food to touch so this divider lunch box from Pottery Barn Kids would be a great option.
  2. He would love to doodle and draw on these frame napkins from Perpetual Kid, and it gives him something to do if lunch time gets boring… or more likely… he doesn’t want to eat what I pack him {stressed again}.
  3. He loves planes and I love the retro, so this linen box from The Land of Nod has promise. (It also comes in a green space rocket and other choices for girls!)
  4. He really loves camoflage right now and I love the monogram and the sturdy sides since he has to put his lunch in a huge bin with all the other kid lunches. So this bag from Pottery Barn Kids is a strong contender. Can you imagine the kid who brings his in a paper bag like I did?! It will be flat! 

More to come on food ideas as school gets closer. Happy Tuesday everyone!

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