chocolate chip REESE’s cookies

So yesterday I just didn’t feel like working… you know those days right. I had tons to do, but I just wanted to bake. I kept peeking in my son’s trick-or-treat bag at all the goodies that he didn’t eat (and likely never will). The REESE’s cups kept staring back at me! 

I only had an hour so instead of breaking out my pretty Kitchen Aid mixer and starting from scratch, I grabbed some Chocolate Chip Pillsbury Cookie dough from the fridge and in four simple steps baked at 350 for 9 minutes I had the ooey, gooiest, yummiest Chocolate Chip REESE’S Cookie ever. It honestly was amazing! My son… the one whose Halloween stash I raided… was so giddy over them he didn’t even care I stole his loot. {grin} 

I hope you all have a wonderful and fun filled weekend! I personally am planning to craft. I have a list of fun things to try and with Christmas just around the bend I need to get busy! 

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