Monsters University {playdate party}

Monsters University

So who’s excited for tomorrow’s premier of the new Disney Monsters University movie?!

Dina of Deliciously Darling Events created this adorable playdate to celebrate.

Here are the details in her words:

My kiddos love animated movies. I’m actually not sure who loves these movies more, the kids or mama. We wanted to celebrate the upcoming Monsters University movie with a little MU Play Date. Inspired by The Celebrations ShoppeLynlee’s Petite Cakes & Laura’s Little Party instagram post, I decided to put together a sweet little dessert table for my kiddos play date.

Monsters University Monsters-University-2 Monsters-University-3 Monsters-University-4 Monsters-University-5Monsters-University-14 Monsters-University-16

So why do a dessert table on a couch? Answer: Why not? I’ve always wanted to set up a dessert display on a couch. This couch is perfection – white & leather so it’s easy to clean post play date. I wanted a simple, inexpensive & easy dessert set up. I opted for dressing up store bought cupcakes with monster eyes & using store bought sugar cookies. How perfect are the sully & mike cookies from Target? Chocolate covered oreo pops & brownie push up pops, sparkling fruit water were also featured. Wrap a few books in scrapbook paper and washi tape a Mike Wazowski to the couch and you have an instant party.

“Scream Like Monster.” I did a little research and loved the “Scream like Monster” tag line on the marketing posters for Monsters University. I fought the urge to insert an “A” into the banner while making it. Just before the play date, my son Malik walks up to me and says “Love the banner mom but you forgot an A. It should be ‘scream like A monster’ not ‘scream like monster.’” LOL. You never argue with a soon-to-be 1st grader when they are correcting you on your English.

I just couldn’t say no to the adorable Monsters U letter Jackets my kiddos are sporting. I know it’s like 100 degrees outside but they are going to be perfect for the fall when they return back to school.

I hope you enjoy & are inspired to put together your own “Scream Like Monster” party.

Vendors: || Style & Paperie: Deliciously Darling (items coming to the shop soon)|| Push-up Pop Containers, Straws & Juice Bottles: Shop Sweet Lulu || Jackets, Mugs: Disney Store ||Monsters University Cupcakes & Sugar: Target ||


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monsters university {mike cupcakes}

Monsters University

Have you seen the trailer for the new Disney Pixar movie, Monsters University?! Well my sons have. And my youngest even changed his birthday party theme to a Monsters University movie viewing… After I had already bought favors for his super hero birthday party… Well, like any good mommy I took them back and we started over. Thank goodness we hadn’t gone too far down the party planning path yet. {grin}

So as we pull the party together I’ve started to craft and bake of course.

These fun little Monsters University Mike Wazowski cupcakes will likely make an appearance on the big day.

Monsters University

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own Monsters University Mike Wazowski cupcakes. (I also recommend the chocolate be Wilton Candy Melts available at your local craft store, plus you’ll need wax paper, glass bowl and resealable plastic bags.)

And here are the easy steps:

  1. Chocolate transfer legs and arms. Draw a quick outline, stick version is fine, of bent arms and legs. (Check Mike out here for inspiration.) I suggest bent so that the arms can be connected at the top and bottom. Melt green chocolates in a resealable bag in 8 second intervals, snip the end, and pipe onto wax paper. Never done chocolate transfer before? Check out my how to video for another project.
  2. Coat Mike’s body (aka plain donut hole) in chocolate. Melt green chocolates in glass bowl, spoon over donut holes, insert lollipop stick and allow to dry (standing is best if you have a cookie cooling tray you can use).
  3. Chocolate transfer eye. Melt white chocolate in a resealable bag in 8 second intervals. Make a round dot for the white of his eye. While still wet add a large blue confetti candy.
  4. Make Mike. Insert the lollipop with Mike’s body into an iced cupcake. Attach arms at mid and top of Mike with a dot of green chocolate. Attach legs at bottom of Mike with green chocolate. Bottom of legs will set in wet cupcake icing. Add Mike’s eye with another dot of green chocolate.
  5. Add horns and mouth. With white chocolate, pipe on squiggly mouth and horns.

Monsters University

If you weren’t excited about Mike and Sully heading off to Monsters University before, I hope you are now! {grin}

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!

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