Easter bunny cake + blog hop

Easter is just around the corner and we’ve designed some sweet little Easter bunny freebies just for you!  And we didn’t design just any bunny, it’s a 3-D bunny!  

These Easter bunnies are adorable on cupcakes, but I decided to use them to decorate a flat iced double layer chocolate cake (if you’re not a baker, just ask the bakery at your local grocery store to make one for you without the decorations; this one was only $14 at Kroger).

Here’s how you craft them:

Using a 2.5″ circular punch, cut out the bunny faces.

Cut out the bunny ears, leaving the bases attached so that all your ears are the same distance from each other.

If you want the 3-D look, attach them to the back of the faces with foam adhesive dots.

For the sides of the cake, cut a lollipop stick in half and hot glue the flat end to the bunny. For the cake topper, or for a cupcake, attach the lollipop stick to the back of the bunny.

Super easy and I hope you think fabulously lovely! {smile}

Another tip, if you purchase your cake at the bakery, it may have a cardboard edge. Just trim it off with an exacto knife (on a wooden cutting board) and then cover the edges with candies. I used light pink sixlets.

Download your FREE EASTER BUNNY PRINTABLES now and enjoy!

Oh, but that isn’t all! I rounded up some of my talented blogging friends and they’ve also created some Easter fun to share with you this morning. “HOP” over to:

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake and create! 

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