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Believe it or not… it’s almost that time. Yep. Time to cart the kids to football practice and plan your first tailgate party of the year! I know because my son starts flag football practice (he wishes he could tackle… but momma needs baby steps with this sport) next week and my husband has already taken over the family schedule starting the first weekend in September. {smirk}

So as I start planning our tailgating season and dreaming of crisp fall days, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tailgate party finds, as well as some of my “must-haves” for staying organized during football and cheer season.

At the top of this list is my large utility tote from Thirty-One GiftsI use mine for taking all the snacks, extra jackets/blankets (it gets COLD here in Ohio in the fall… especially when we play a 9 a.m. game…), water bottles, equipment and my thermal even fits. It helps keep me organized and I only have to carry one bag! It’s #8 in the roundup above, but mine is (aqua blue like the bag in #10) and has our family name monogrammed in the front. I really wanted the chevron bag… but my boys thought it looked a bit too girly for the games. {grin}

So here we go. If you’re planning a tailgate party, you’ll need:

  • 1. Frozen Drink Blender – this single serve blender available at Amazon is perfect. No more wasting a batch of frozen margaritas!
  • 2. Football Party Supplies – you can download my chevron and football field sheets plus “go team” cupcake wrappers and toppers for FREE!
  • 3. Tailgate Party Games – these ring toss and lawn bowling games are from Front Porch Classics
  • 4. Bar-height Folding Round Tables - nope. I’m not suggesting you have bar stools at your tailgate, just the bar height table. A few of these around the site allows party goers a place to congregate while standing. Plus, I hate bending over to eat messy BBQ! {wink}
  • 5. Wine and dine party plate and cup and plate party plates  - no more balancing act with your plate and your cup or glass of wine. Genius invention for tailgating!
  • 6. Party wagon grill- pull it out and wheel it where ever the party is from Wholesale Patio Store!

And if you carting the kids around to their games, you’ll LOVE to be able to personalize your bag with their name, number, and even a favorite collegiate team logo! I have to admit… I do love a monogram!

  • 7. Cheer moms – the (A) large utility tote with (B) pocket utility tote insert is my fav! Plus, (C) organizing utility tote and (D) lil’ expressions tote are perfect for keeping all your gear. The lil’ expressions tote can be personalized with outfits, hair type and color for boys and girls.
  • 8. Football moms – as I mentioned above, the Large Utility Tote is my fav and as you can see from the image you can make it what you want with dividers and tops. And it all removes easily so you can change it out for other purposes like keeping your groceries from rolling around in the trunk. I so use it for that a lot!
  • 9. Cold drinks – We often spend several hours at the field so we sometimes take lunch. The (A) Thermal Tote and (C) Bring A Bottle Thermal are perfect for drinks and bringing cold snacks for the team.
  • 10. Healthy snacks – The (B) Keep It Caddy is a bit smaller and perfect for all those snacks you know you’ll be taking unless you want to spend your day at the concession stand.

You can shop all of Thirty-One Gifts goodies from their Thirty-One Gifts Catalog  (bottom of the left navigation bar). Just contact a consultant in your area to place your order. And in the month of August 2013 if you spend $35 and get any purse 50% off! You can find their latest deal (a new one every month) here!

As always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and oh yes, celebrate this football season!

This post was sponsored by Thirty-One Gifts. However, all opinions are my own. You know I’d have it no other way!

Easy Football Party Brownies

Only planning to watch from home?! You can still kick the season off with my football brownies!

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easy football brownie finger food recipe

Easy Football Party Brownies

Hosting a party this Game Day?! Make these football brownies. They’re super easy, fun and you’ll look like a superstar. It’s a win – win… no matter who wins. {grin}

For this little finger food recipe, you’ll need:

  • Brownie box recipe (I use Duncan Hines Chewy Brownies so my little one with with dairy allergies can enjoy them too)
  • Cream cheese icing (I use Pillsbury Cream Cheese icing, again, no dairy)
  • Resealable bag, with a corner snipped off
  • Butter knife

And here are the easy steps:

  • Bake your brownies as directed.
  • Allow them to cool completely.
  • Cut out football shapes with a butter knife, keeping them fairly close together so that you can limit waste (like there would be waste!).
  • Place on your serving platter (TIP: Line platter with wax paper or food safe liner as shown so that your party finger foods come up easily)
  • Spoon icing into resealable bag, snip corner and pipe on four lines

For more party finger foods, visit my 8 Super Bowl party ideas for the Big Game! And download my free Game Day printables in 2013 Super Bowl colors. Enjoy!

And as always, I hope you’re inspired to craft, bake, create and celebrate!

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